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IMDb rating by 33,008 votes


TMDb rating by 1119 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:43 min0.717 h
Country:United States
Language:English, Finnish
Other info
TMDb popularity:69.979
IMDb ID:tt4396630
TMDb ID:69629
MPAA rating
TV series
Plot: In a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co-existence with humanity.

Laurel left.png 2 nominations Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:17
Total runtime:12.6 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 17 episodes
No TitleDirectorRating
s01e01EXposedBryan Singer8.2
s01e02RXLen Wiseman8.1
s01e03EXodusScott Peters7.7
s01e04EXit strategyKaren Gaviola8.2
s01e05BoXed inJeremiah S. Chechik7.8
s01e06Got your siXCraig Siebels7.9
s01e07EXtreme measuresStephen Surjik7.5
s01e08Threat of eXtinctionSteven DePaul8.3
s01e09OutfoXLiz Friedlander8.1
s01e10EXploitedCraig Siebels8.8
s01e113 X 1David Straiton8.1
s01e12EXtractionScott Peters8
s01e13X-roadsStephen Surjik8.5
s02e01EMergence Robert Duncan McNeill8
s02e02UnMooredSteven DePaul7.7
s02e03CoMplicationsMichael Goi8
s02e04OutMatchedDeran Sarafian8


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