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IMDb rating by 324,468 votes


TMDb rating by 8611 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:43 min0.717 h
Country:United States
Part of:DC universe
Other info
TMDb popularity:890.17
IMDb ID:tt3107288
TMDb ID:60735
MPAA rating
Ο Φλας  
TV series
Plot: Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow lightning killing his mother and framing his father. All that changes when a massive particle accelerator accident leads to Barry being struck by lightning in his lab. Coming out of coma nine months later, Barry and his new friends at S.T.A.R labs find that he now has the ability to move at superhuman speed. Furthermore, Barry learns that he is but one of many affected by that event, most of whom are using their powers for evil. Determined to make a difference, Barry dedicates his life to fighting such threats, as The Flash. While he gains allies he never expected, there are also secret forces determined to aid and manipulate him for their own agenda.

Laurel left.png Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. 28 wins & 90 nominations total Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:95
Total runtime:34.4 hours
Average ratings


MyMDb rating of 13 episodes


IMDb rating of 89 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01Pilot (The Flash)David Nutter4
s01e02Fastest Man AliveDavid Nutter8.3
s01e03Things You Can't OutrunJesse Warn8.3
s01e04Going RogueGlen Winter8.6
s01e05PlastiqueDermott Downs8.1
s01e06The Flash Is BornMillicent Shelton8.4
s01e07Power OutageLarry Shaw8.5
s01e08Flash vs. ArrowGlen Winter9.3
s01e09The Man in the Yellow SuitRalph Hemecker9.4
s01e10Revenge of the RoguesNick Copus8.4
s01e11The Sound and the FuryJohn F. Showalter8.3
s01e12Crazy for YouRob Hardy8.5
s01e13The Nuclear ManGlen Winter8.8
s01e14FalloutStephen Surjik9
s01e14Fallout (The Flash)Stephen Surjik
s01e15Out of TimeThor Freudenthal8
s01e16Rogue TimeJohn Behring8.6
 Peyton List
s01e17TrickstersRalph Hemecker9.1
 Mark Hamill
s01e18All Star Team UpKevin Tancharoen8.5
s01e19Who Is Harrison Wells?Wendey Stanzler9.1
s01e20The Trap (The Flash) Steve Shill
s01e20The Trap Steve Shill6
s01e21Grodd LivesDermott Downs3
s01e22Rogue AirDouglas Aarniokoski7
 Peyton List
s01e23Fast EnoughDermott Downs8
s02e01The Man Who Saved Central CityRalph Hemecker8.3
s02e02Flash of Two WorldsJesse Warn8.8
s02e03Family of RoguesJohn F. Showalter8.5
Michael Ironside,  Peyton List, Wentworth Miller
s02e04The Fury of Firestorm Stefan Pleszczynski8.5
s02e05The Darkness and the Light (The Flash) Steve Shill8.9
s02e06Enter ZoomJ.J. Makaro9.4
s02e07Gorilla WarfareDermott Downs8.4
s02e08Legends of TodayRalph Hemecker9.2
s02e09Running to Stand StillKevin Tancharoen7
 Mark Hamill, Wentworth Miller
s02e10Potential EnergyRob Hardy7
Aaron Douglas
s02e11The Reverse-Flash Returns Michael A. Allowitz8.8
Aaron Douglas
s02e12Fast LaneRachel Talalay8.2
s02e13Welcome to Earth-2Millicent Shelton8
s02e14Escape from Earth-2J.J. Makaro9.1
s02e15King Shark Hanelle M. Culpepper8.6
s02e16TrajectoryGlen Winter8.4
s02e17Flash BackAlice Troughton9.1
s02e18Versus Zoom Stefan Pleszczynski8.3
s02e19Back to NormalJohn F. Showalter7.7
s02e20RuptureArmen V. Kevorkian9
s02e21The Runaway DinosaurKevin Smith8
Jason Mewes
s02e22InvincibleJesse Warn8
s02e23The Race of His LifeAntonio Negret9.1
s03e01FlashpointJesse Warn7
s03e02ParadoxRalph Hemecker8.6
s03e03MagentaArmen V. Kevorkian8
s03e04The New Rogues Stefan Pleszczynski7
s03e05Monster (The Flash)C. Kim Miles7.6
s03e06ShadeJ.J. Makaro8.6
s03e07Killer FrostKevin Smith8.9
s03e09The PresentRachel Talalay8.8
 Mark Hamill
s03e11Dead or AliveHarry Jierjian
s03e12UntouchableRob Hardy8.1
s03e13Attack on Gorilla CityDermott Downs8
s03e14Attack on Central CityDermott Downs7.9
s03e17Duet (The Flash)Dermott Downs6
s03e18Abra KadabraNina Lopez-Corrado8.2
s03e19The Once and Future FlashTom Cavanagh8.8
s03e20I Know Who You Are Hanelle M. Culpepper9
s03e22Infantino Street Michael A. Allowitz9.1
s04e01The Flash RebornGlen Winter7.6
s04e03Luck Be a LadyArmen V. Kevorkian7.5
s04e04Elongated Journey Into NightTom Cavanagh8.4
Danny Trejo
s04e07Therefore I AmDavid McWhirter8.7
s04e08Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3Dermott Downs8.6
s04e09Don't Run Stefan Pleszczynski8.6
s04e12Honey, I Shrunk Team FlashChris Peppe
s04e14Subject 9 (The Flash)Ralph Hemecker
s04e17Null and AnnoyedKevin Smith7.1
Danny Trejo
s04e18Lose Yourself Hanelle M. Culpepper8.4
s04e19Fury RogueRachel Talalay7.8
s04e23We Are the FlashDavid McWhirter8.1
s05e01NoraDavid McWhirter8.4
s05e02BlockedC. Kim Miles8
s05e04News FlashBrent Crowell7.5
s05e07O Come, All Ye ThankfulSarah Boyd8.1
s05e08What's Past Is PrologueTom Cavanagh9.3
s05e09Elseworlds, Part 1Kevin Tancharoen9.3
s05e10The Flash & the FuriousDavid McWhirter7.3
s05e13GoldfacedAlexandra La Roche8.4
s05e14Cause and XSRachel Talalay8.3
s05e15Episode 5.15 (The Flash) Stefan Pleszczynski8.8
s05e16Episode 5.16 (The Flash)Viet Nguyen8.2
s05e17Episode 5.17 (The Flash)Rob Greenlea8.9
s05e18Godspeed Danielle Panabaker8.6
s05e19Episode 5.19 (The Flash) Jeff Cassidy7.7
s05e20Gone Rogue8.5
s05e21Episode 5.21 (The Flash) Stefan Pleszczynski8
s05e22Episode 5.22 (The Flash)
s05e23Episode 5.23 (The Flash)Gregory Smith9.4


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