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IMDb rating by 2,621 votes


TMDb rating by 6 votes
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Additional Details
Runtime:45 min0.75 h
Country:United States
Part of:Star Trek Universe
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Other info
TMDb popularity:1.651
IMDb ID:tt2732442
TMDb ID:116656
TV series
Plot: The USS Enterprise's historic five-year mission continues with all new episodes of the original series. "Star Trek: Continues", a new Trek series, beams down with exciting adventures of the Federation's most heroic crew led by Captain James T. Kirk. The lighting and color of the highly accurate sets accentuate the equally detailed props and costumes, matching the original series that ran from 1966-69! With acting and stories that also replicate the original series, the adventures are sure to dazzle even the most die hard Trek fans. Witness now the untold morality plays that explore the final frontier and more importantly... the human condition. Fans of the original series will especially enjoy the pilot episode as a familiar guest star from the original series reprises his role in a sequel entitled "Pilgrim of Eternity".

Laurel left.png 8 wins & 1 nomination Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:7
Total runtime:3.8 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 5 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01Pilgrim of EternityVic Mignogna8
Marina Sirtis
s01e02LolaniChris White
s01e03Fairest of Them AllJames Kerwin9.4
s01e04The White IrisJames Kerwin8
Marina Sirtis
s01e05Divided We StandVic Mignogna7.9
s01e06Come Not Between the DragonsJulian Higgins
s01e07Embracing the WindsJames Kerwin7.7


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