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IMDb rating by 13,127 votes


TMDb rating by 104 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:7 min0.117 h
Country:United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Ireland
Part of:Wallace and Gromit universe
Other info
TMDb popularity:19.503
IMDb ID:tt0983983
TMDb ID:3902
MPAA rating
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Σον, το πρόβατο  
TV series
Plot: Shaun is a sheep who doesn't follow the flock - in fact, he leads them into all sorts of scrapes and scraps, turning peace in the valley into mayhem in the meadow. Shaun and his pals run rings around their poor sheepdog Bitzer, as he tries to stop the Farmer finding out what's going on behind his back. Every day brings a new adventure for Shaun.

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Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:151
Total runtime:5.3 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 101 episodes
No TitleDirectorRating
s01e01Off the Baa!Richard Starzak, Christopher Sadler8.2
s01e02BathtimeChristopher Sadler8.3
s01e03Shape Up with ShaunRichard Goleszowski, Christopher Sadler8.2
s01e04Timmy in a TizzyRichard Goleszowski, Christopher Sadler8
s01e05ScrumpingRichard Goleszowski, Dave Osmand7.7
s01e06Still LifeChristopher Sadler8.4
s01e07Mower MouthRichard Goleszowski, Richard Webber7.9
s01e08Take AwayRichard Goleszowski, Christopher Sadler7.6
s01e09The BullRichard Starzak, Christopher Sadler7.6
s01e10Saturday Night ShaunRichard Starzak, Christopher Sadler7.9
s01e11The KiteRichard Goleszowski, Christopher Sadler7.5
s01e12Little Sheep of HorrorsRichard Starzak, Christopher Sadler8
s01e13Buzz Off BeesRichard Goleszowski, Christopher Sadler7.3
s01e14FleecedRichard Goleszowski, Christopher Sadler7.6
s01e15Shaun Shoots the SheepRichard Goleszowski, Dave Osmand7.6
s01e16Big Top TimmyRichard Goleszowski, Richard Webber6.6
s01e17FetchingRichard Goleszowski, Richard Webber7.3
s01e18Mountains Out of MolehillsRichard Goleszowski, Dave Osmand7.1
s01e19Who's the Mummy?Richard Goleszowski, Dave Osmand7.7
s01e20Things That Go BumpRichard Goleszowski, Dave Osmand7.2
s01e21Abracadabra (Shaun the Sheep)Jean-Philippe Vine, Richard Starzak7.6
s01e22Sheep on the LooseRichard Webber, Christopher Sadler, Michael Mort7.5
s01e23WashdayJean-Philippe Vine, Richard Starzak7.8
s01e24The Visitor (Shaun the Sheep)Richard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.2
s01e25Shaun the FarmerRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.6
s01e26Tooth FairyJay Grace7.3
s01e27Bitzer Puts His Foot in ItRichard Starzak, Jay Grace8.1
s01e28HiccupsRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.4
s01e29If You Can't Stand the HeatRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.6
s01e30SheepwalkingRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.7
s01e31Tidy UpRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.3
s01e32The Farmer's NieceRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine6.9
s01e33Camping ChaosRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.4
s01e34Helping HoundRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.1
s01e35Troublesome Tractor7.2
s01e36Stick with MeRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.5
s01e37Heavy Metal Shaun7
s01e38Snore Worn ShaunJean-Philippe Vine, Richard Starzak7.6
s01e39Shaun Encounters7.1
s01e40Save the TreeRichard Goleszowski, Jean-Philippe Vine7.7
s02e01Double TroubleChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone8.2
s02e02Draw the Line8.2
s02e03Sheepless NightsChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone6.6
s02e04Spring LambChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone7.8
s02e05Strictly No DancingChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone7.9
s02e06Who's the Caddy?7
s02e07Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow7.8
s02e08Bagpipe BuddyChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone7.7
s02e09Supersize TimmyChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone6.9
s02e10Lock Out7.8
s02e11Cheetah CheaterLee Wilton, Christopher Sadler6.4
s02e12Ewe've Been Framed7
s02e13Bitzer's New HatSeamus Malone6.6
s02e14Hide and SqueakSeamus Malone7
s02e15Frantic RomanticLee Wilton, Seamus Malone7.1
s02e16Everything Must Go (Shaun the Sheep)Christopher Sadler, Seamus Malone7.2
s02e17Party AnimalsRichard Webber8.6
s02e18Cat Got Your Brain?Seamus Malone7.1
s02e19Two's CompanyRichard Webber8.5
s02e20In the DoghouseLee Wilton, Christopher Sadler, Seamus Malone7.9
s02e21The BoatChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone7.1
s02e22What's Up, Dog?6.1
s02e23Cock a Doodle Shaun6.6
s02e24Bitzer's Basic Training6.6
s02e25Chip Off the Old Block6.6
s02e26Pig Trouble6.9
s02e27Bitzer from the Black LagoonChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone6.3
s02e28Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti6.4
s02e30The Big Chase7.6
s02e31The MagpieRichard Webber, Christopher Sadler7.2
s02e32Operation PidsleyRichard Webber, Christopher Sadler7
s02e33Pigs Swill FlyRichard Webber, Christopher Sadler7.2
s02e34Shirley Whirley6.9
s02e35Foxy LaddieChristopher Sadler7.7
s02e36Shaun Goes PottyChristopher Sadler, Seamus Malone7.5
s02e37An Ill WindRichard Webber, Christopher Sadler7.4
s02e38Fireside Favourite7.4
s02e39Snowed In6.9
s02e40We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas8.8
s03e01The Stand Off
s03e02The Coconut7.4
s03e03The Shepherd (Shaun the Sheep)
s03e04You Missed a Bit
s03e05Let's Spray
s03e06The Crow
s03e07Shaun the Fugitive
s03e08Hard to Swallow
s03e09Mission Inboxible
s03e10Bye Bye Barn7.4
s03e11The Rounders Match
s03e12Film Night
s03e14The Skateboard
s03e15The Piano
s03e16The Snapshot
s03e17Prickly Heat
s03e18The Hang Glider
s03e19The Shadow Play
s03e20Bull vs. Wool
s04e01ConesJay Grace, Lee Wilton9
s04e02Caught Short AlienJay Grace, Lee Wilton8.3
s04e03Happy Birthday Timmy!Jay Grace, Lee Wilton6.9
s04e04The GenieJay Grace, Lee Wilton7.3
s04e053DTVJay Grace, Lee Wilton8
s04e06The Smelly FarmerJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e07DIYJay Grace, Lee Wilton7.5
s04e08The RabbitJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e09Prize PossessionJay Grace, Lee Wilton8.1
s04e10The SpiderJay Grace, Lee Wilton8.5
s04e11The Looney TicJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e12Men at WorkJay Grace, Lee Wilton8.1
s04e13The Dog ShowJay Grace, Lee Wilton7.5
s04e14Missing Piece8.5
s04e15Wildlife WatchJay Grace, Lee Wilton8.2
s04e16The Pelican6.8
s04e17Bad BoyJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e18Remote ControlJay Grace, Lee Wilton8
s04e19Phoney FarmerJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e20Ground Dog Day
s04e21The Intruder (Shaun the Sheep)Jay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e22Bitzer for a DayJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e23Bitzer's SecretJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e24Ping-Pong PoacherJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e25Hidden TalentsJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e26Picture PerfectJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e27Save the DumpJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s04e28Duck!Jay Grace
s04e29The Stare
s04e30Fruit and NutsJay Grace, Lee Wilton
s05e01Out of Order
s05e02Karma FarmerWill Becher8.2
s05e04Baad Hair DayWill Becher
s05e05The Farmers NephewWill Becher
s05e06Babysitter BitzerWill Becher
s05e07Dodgy LodgerWill Becher
s05e08Dangerous DeliveriesWill Becher
s05e09Timmy and the DragonWill Becher7.7
s05e10Bitzer's New WhistleWill Becher
s05e11Turf Wars
s05e12A Prickly Problem7.4
s05e14Rude Dude
s05e15Keeping the Peace
s05e16Happy Farmer's Day
s05e18Return to Sender7.7
s05e19Cone of Shame
s05e20Sheep Farmer

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