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IMDb rating by 18,505 votes


TMDb rating by 83 votes
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Additional Details
Runtime:22 min0.367 h
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Other info
TMDb popularity:17.982
IMDb ID:tt1780441
TMDb ID:33922
MPAA rating
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TV series
Plot: A sketch-comedy series that parodies life in Portland, Oregon.

Laurel left.png Won 4 Primetime Emmys. Another 6 wins & 47 nominations. Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:70
Total runtime:17.7 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 59 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01FarmJonathan Krisel7.6
s01e02A Song for PortlandJonathan Krisel7.4
s01e03AimeeJonathan Krisel7.6
s01e04Mayor Is MissingJonathan Krisel7.6
s01e05BlunderbussJonathan Krisel7.2
Selma Blair
s01e06BaseballJonathan Krisel7.2
s02e01MixologistJonathan Krisel7.8
s02e02One Moore EpisodeJonathan Krisel8.5
s02e03Cool WeddingJonathan Krisel7.8
s02e04GroverJonathan Krisel7.7
s02e05Cops RedesignJonathan Krisel7.7
s02e06Cat NapJonathan Krisel8.1
 Kristen Wiig, Miranda July
s02e07MotorcycleJonathan Krisel7.7
s02e08Feminist Book Store 10th AnniversaryJonathan Krisel7.5
s02e09No OlympicsJonathan Krisel7.7
s02e10Brunch VillageJonathan Krisel8
s02e11The Brunch Special8.5
s03e01Winter in PortlandiaJonathan Krisel8.1
s03e02Take Back MTVJonathan Krisel8.4
s03e04Nina's BirthdayJonathan Krisel8.4
s03e05SquigglemanJonathan Krisel8.4
Matt Berry
s03e06Off the Grid (Portlandia)Jonathan Krisel8.2
s03e07The TempJonathan Krisel7.9
s03e08Soft OpeningJonathan Krisel7.8
s03e09AlexandraJonathan Krisel8.2
s03e10No-Fo-O-Fo-BridgeJonathan Krisel8.1
s03e11BlackoutJonathan Krisel8.3
s04e01Sharing FinancesJonathan Krisel8.4
Vanessa Bayer
s04e03CeleryJonathan Krisel8.3
s04e04Pull-Out KingJonathan Krisel7.7
Mark Proksch
s04e05Spyke DrivesJonathan Krisel7.4
s04e06Bahama KnightsJonathan Krisel7.3
s04e07TrailblazersJonathan Krisel7.4
s04e08Late in Life Drug UseJonathan Krisel7.7
Vanessa Bayer
s04e093D Printer (Portlandia)Jonathan Krisel7.4
s04e10Getting AwayJonathan Krisel7.7
s05e01The Story of Toni & CandaceJonathan Krisel8
s05e02The FiancéeJonathan Krisel7.6
s05e03HealthcareJonathan Krisel7.9
s05e04SeaworldJonathan Krisel8.3
s05e054th of JulyJonathan Krisel7.9
s05e06FashionJonathan Krisel
s05e07Doug Becomes a FeministDaniel Gray Longino8.2
s05e08House for Sale Steve Buscemi8
s05e09You Can Call Me AlJonathan Krisel7.7
Vanessa Bayer
s05e10Dead PetsJonathan Krisel8
s06e00Inside Portlandia
s06e01PickathonBill Benz7.5
s06e02Going GrayJonathan Krisel7.6
s06e04Weirdo BeachDaniel Gray Longino8.1
s06e05Breaking UpJonathan Krisel9
s06e06TADADaniel Gray Longino7.9
s06e07Family Emergency
s06e08First Feminist CityJonathan Krisel
s06e09Lance Is Smart
s06e10Noodle Monster
s07e01The Storytellers Vanessa Bayer
s07e02Carrie Dates a Hunk
s07e03Fred's Cell Phone CompanyCarrie Brownstein7.2
s07e04Separation Anxiety (Portlandia)Bill Benz7.4
s07e05AmoreBill Benz7.7
s07e06Friend Replacement
s07e07Portland SecedesBill Benz7.4
s07e08AntsAlice Mathias7.5
s07e09Passenger Rating Steve Buscemi7.8
s07e10Misunderstood Miracles Fred Armisen7.5
s08e04AbracadabraLance Bangs7.3
Rashida Jones


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