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This ontology is meant to replace my IMDb account.

Basic features:

This knowledge base gets its data from IMDb (via the OMDb API). There could be other sources of data such as Wikipedia infoboxes but I've chosen IMDb as being simpler to extract data.

There is also the ability for the user to add additional data, so if there is something that is not provided by IMDb, users can add it themselves.


How to preserve values: OMDb is often down so with each external data call values are nulled. Therefore a check is needed in the begining of template to see whether OMDb is down or not (Property:Has OMDb API response=True or False/NULL). Only if it's True will continue and assign values.

Main pages





Home icon blue.png Main page: Meta:One rating to rule them all

Other data

  • TMDBadult (true/false)

  • TMDBgenreids (array of numbers)

  • TMDBoriginallanguage
  • TMDBoriginaltitle
  • TMDBoverview
  • TMDBreleasedate

  • TMDBtitle
  • TMDBvideo

  • TMDBfirstairdate (series)
  • TMDBoriginalname
  • TMDBorigincountry
  • TMDBairdate
  • TMDBepisodenumber
  • TMDBname (=episode title)
  • TMDBseasonnumber



  • TVDBActors
  • TVDBContentRating
  • TVDBFirstAired
  • TVDBGenre
  • TVDBLanguage
  • TVDBNetworkID
  • TVDBOverview
  • TVDBRuntime
  • TVDBSeriesName
  • TVDBadded
  • TVDBaddedBy
  • TVDBfanart
  • TVDBlastupdated
  • TVDBposter
  • TVDBtmswantedold

Movie properties

Episode themes

Display title

Key points:

  • Property:Has display title serves mainly as a workaround for enabling semantic title search (this may also be done via extension Semantic Titles or something). It should be set automatically, and in rare cases, manually.
  • Cases:
    1. General case: Has display title = {{BASEPAGENAME}}
    2. Page is disambiguated: In this case {{BASEPAGENAME}} contains (parentheses) at the end. If, removing the parentheses, what's left of {{BASEPAGENAME}} is equal to Property:Has disambiguation primary page then Has display title is set to this.
    3. On the other hand: If Has display title is set manually and no disambiguation exists, then an automated disambiguation should be created. (We should think about that)
    4. In both cases 2 and 3 there should be some message in the form so as for the user to check what's happening in the background.
      • In case 2 a message next to display title stating "Display title is automatically set to XXXXX"
      • In case 3 a message next to disambiguation primary page stating "Disambiguation primary page is automatically set to XXXXX"

See also


Misc properties

X Files specific

  • Property:Features paranormal phenomenon or paranormal theme. This property could also be more generic, like just "features" so as to be used by other series. All series episodes have a unique theme.


This properties may be used in other ontologies as well.

Movies about

Movie connections

Similarity algorithm

  1. Similar sub-genres
  2. Similar sub-genres
  3. Director/writer
  4. Cast


Episode list


Πρότυπο:Compilation of scenesEmoji u1f3b5.svgΠρότυπο:TrailerΠρότυπο:Behind the scenesΠρότυπο:InterviewΠρότυπο:ReviewΠρότυπο:Analysis

Clips sections

Home icon blue.png Main page: Meta:Videos ontology

Auto creation of pages

Help: mediawikiwiki:Extension:Semantic Forms/Linking to forms#Populating red-linked pages automatically






Production companies

MPAA ratings

Subobjects Semantic Internal Objects

Editors feedback

Transition to new feedback


Writers as subobjects


1. First create the properties:

! Property names may change.

2. Create the Template for the Subobject.

This will be used to display the subobject on the movie page and defines the properties for the fields.

3. Append to the movie form

Missing Oscars

Home icon blue.png Main page: Meta:MyMDb missing Oscars


List of most prestigious awards



External links

This is a proposed feature (Farm-Fresh bug.png The X-Files)



Home icon blue.png Main page: Meta:Scraping an IMDb episodes list page

Extended movie search

Form:Movie solved issue

Error: Semantic Forms error: backtrace limit exceeded during parsing! Please increase the value of pcre.backtrack-limit in the PHP settings.

ini_set('pcre.backtrack_limit',10000000); //10million

Source: mediawikiwiki:Extension talk:Semantic Forms/Archive April to June 2012#Error: Backtrace limit exceeded during parsing


To do

  • Clear this home page and move all stuff to ontology page. HereThere be intro and links.
  • Put some links in sidebar
  • Make My review more visible (make a box or use Template:Quote)
  • Add fields

Books Db

External data sources

How not to lose existing values

Just an idea: Do external query and if no data present do nothing.

More crew fields

More crew fields for notable crew members (i.e. Musical score) with multiple template. Each template would be a pair of:

  • Occupation (All values are predifined and selected by drop down list)
  • Name(s) (multiple values)


  • Primary image
  • Other images

Movie poster from IMDb

Temporary solution

$wgAllowExternalImagesFrom = '';

MyMDb external image test

Extension:Semantic Title

Sets visible page title to a value of semantic property. Maybe this helps with disambiguations.

Towards an upper ontology

Links in the sidebar

Edit MediaWiki:Sidebar and add below help:

* MyMDb
** MyMDb|Home
** Form:Movie|Add movie



Test pages for all features

See also


All API's

Wikidata client

Movies to add