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Here is a list of all the ontologies I have created.


Photographs ontology

This ontology was created to totally replace my Flickr account. When finished it should have all of Flickr's functionality such as metadata support along with some Facebook features such as tagging of events.

MyMDb ontology

This ontology is meant to replace my IMDb account.

Music ontology

This ontology is also a replacement for my YouTube favorites list, enhanced with more features.

Blog ontology

A replacement for mediawikiwiki:Extension:Wikilog

Books ontology

This ontology is created mainly for use in ewiki. When finished it should be replicated there.

Quotations ontology

A simple one.

Video ontology

A sub-domain ontology for use with MyMDb, blog, quatations and more.

FOAF ontology

Just testing FOAF (Friend Of A Friend) vocabulary import.

Fetishes ontology

This ontology is made just for fun. It should be a DSM like map of all known fetishes. It was inspired by the various maps and infographics of human fetishes (see example 1, example 2).

Meta ontology

Properties of properties.

Genealogy ontology

People relations.

Project management ontology


Aera Patera ontology

This an almost complete ontology about the Greek music band Aera Patera. It is in its own wiki Aeropateropedia.

DEN YPARXEI Film Festival ontology

An ontology about a film festival. Similar to the Movies ontology. It is in its own wiki DEN YPARXEI Film Festival.

Event Horizon ontology

This an almost complete ontology about Event Horizon art collective. It is in its own wiki Ορίζοντας Γεγονότων.

Wikicinema ontology

A movie production ontology serving mainly as a test platform before structure applied to the The Great Greek Whatever ontology. Also as a standalone movie production ontology for short wikicinema movies.

The Great Greek Whatever ontology

This is the most ambitious ontology of all. It aspires to codify the complete production process of a movie. It makes use of almost all the other ontologies. So far only parts of this ontology are complete. It is in its own wiki Ο Μεγάλος Έλληνας Οτιδήποτε.

Moufbusters ontology

This wiki doesn't exist yet.

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