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IMDb rating by 28,862 votes


TMDb rating by 137 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:60 min1 h
Country:United States
Other info
TMDb popularity:35.688
IMDb ID:tt0914387
TMDb ID:4920
MPAA rating
TV series
Plot: A law school graduate becomes the protégée of a successful high-stakes litigator.

Laurel left.png Won 4 Primetime Emmys. 16 wins & 79 nominations total Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:59
Total runtime:41.6 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 59 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01Get Me a LawyerAllen Coulter8.6
s01e02Jesus, Mary and Joe CockerGreg Yaitanes8.2
s01e03And My Paralyzing Fear of DeathJohn David Coles8.2
Michael Stuhlbarg
s01e04Tastes Like a Ho-HoLawrence Trilling8.2
s01e05A Regular Earl AnthonyJean de Segonzac8
s01e06She Spat at MeMario Van Peebles8.2
s01e07We Are Not AnimalsDaniel Attias8.2
s01e08Blame the VictimGuy Ferland8.1
s01e09Do You Regret What We Did?Thomas Carter8.3
s01e10Sort of Like a FamilyTimothy Busfield8.5
s01e11I Hate These PeopleEd Bianchi8.8
s01e12There's No 'We' AnymoreMario Van Peebles8.8
s01e13Because I Know PattyTodd A. Kessler9
s02e01I Lied, Too.Todd A. Kessler8.3
Paige Turco
s02e02Burn It, Shred It, I Don't Care.Jean de Segonzac8
Paige Turco
s02e03I Knew You Were a PigConstantine Makris8.1
Paige Turco
s02e04Hey! Mr. Pibb!Mario Van Peebles8.6
Paige Turco
s02e05I Agree, It Wasn't FunnyTate Donovan8.2
Paige Turco
s02e06A Pretty Girl in a LeotardGreg Yaitanes8.4
s02e07New York SucksMatthew Penn8.5
s02e08They Had to Tweeze That Out of My KidneyMichael Pressman8.5
s02e09You Got Your Prom Date PregnantEd Bianchi8.1
s02e10Uh Oh, Out Come the SkeletonsTate Donovan8.5
s02e11London. Of CourseAndy Wolk8.5
s02e12Look What He Dug Up This TimeMatthew Penn8.5
Paige Turco
s02e13Trust MeTodd A. Kessler8.9
s03e01Your Secrets Are SafeTodd A. Kessler8.3
s03e02The Dog Is Happier Without HerMatthew Penn8
s03e03Flight's at 11:08Tony Goldwyn8
s03e04Don't Throw That at the ChickenMatthew Penn8
s03e05It's Not My BirthdayDaniel Zelman7.9
s03e06Don't Forget to Thank Mr. ZedeckTimothy Busfield8.1
s03e07You Haven't Replaced MeGlenn Kessler8.1
s03e08I Look Like FrankensteinChris Terrio8.2
s03e09Drive It Through HardcoreTate Donovan8
s03e10Tell Me I'm Not RacistDavid S. Tuttman8.1
s03e11All That Crap About Your FamilyMatthew Penn8.5
s03e12You Were His Little MonkeyTimothy Busfield8.5
s03e13The Next One's Gonna Go in Your ThroatTodd A. Kessler8.8
s04e01There's Only One Way to Try a CaseTodd A. Kessler8
s04e02I've Done Way Too Much for This GirlTodd A. Kessler8
s04e03I'd Prefer My Old OfficeNick Gomez8.1
s04e04Next One's on Me, BlondieTimothy Busfield8
s04e05We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This ThingDavid S. Tuttman8.1
s04e06Add That Little Hopper to Your StewTimothy Busfield7.8
s04e07I'm Worried About My DogGlenn Kessler8
s04e08The War Will Go on ForeverNick Gomez8.2
s04e09There's a Whole Slew of Ladies with Bad Things to Say About the TalibanDavid S. Tuttman7.9
s04e10Failure is LonelyGlenn Kessler8.4
s05e01You Want to End This Once and for All?Matthew Penn8.6
s05e02Have You Met the Eel Yet?Colin Bucksey8.5
s05e03Failure Is FailureJean de Segonzac8.5
s05e04I Love You, MommyMarcos Siega8.3
s05e05There's Something Wrong with MeTate Donovan8
s05e06I Need to WinDaniel Zelman8.3
s05e07The Storm's Moving InTate Donovan8.4
s05e08I'm Afraid of What I'll Find Ken Girotti8.4
s05e09I Like Your Chair Steve Shill8.6
s05e10But You Don't Do That AnymoreGlenn Kessler8.8


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