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Action comedy genre
Type: Stylistic genre, Crossover genre
Subgenre of: Action, Comedy
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MyMDb average of 10 movies


IMDb average of 20 movies


Metascore average of 18 movies


TMDb average of 20 movies


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A subgenre involving action and humour. The subgenre became a popular trend in the 1980s, when actors who were known for their background in comedy, such as Eddie Murphy, began to take roles in action films. Comedy films such as Dumb & Dumber and Big Momma's House, that contain action-laden sub-plots, are not considered part of this combined genre. Action scenes have a more integral role in action comedies. A common strata of action comedy is the buddy cop film, including 48 Hrs. (1982), Beverly Hills Cop (1984), Lethal Weapon (1987), Midnight Run (1988), Bad Boys (1995), Rush Hour (1998), The Rundown (2003), Hot Fuzz (2007), The Nice Guys (2016), and the animated Zootopia (2016). Another common strata of action comedy is the martial arts comedy, which became popular in Hong Kong action cinema since the 1980s, with Jackie Chan being the most famous example, along with Sammo Hung and Stephen Chow.


Original titleInternational English titleGreek titleYearDirectorIMDbMyMDb
6 Underground2019Michael Bay6.15
Bad Boys for Life2020Adil El Arbi
Bilall Fallah
Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley QuinnHarley Quinn: Birds of PreyΑρπακτικά Πτηνά: Και η Φαντασμαγορική Χειραφέτηση της Χάρλεϊ Κουίν2020Cathy Yan6.17
Deadpool 22018David Leitch7.7
GhostbustersΓκόστμπαστερς2016Paul Feig6.56
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017James Gunn7.68
Iron SkyIron Sky: Το 4ο Ράιχ αντεπιτίθεται2012Timo Vuorensola5.9
Iron Sky: The Coming Race2019Timo Vuorensola5
Kung Fu Panda2008Mark Osborne
John Stevenson
Lethal Weapon 41998Richard Donner6.6
REDRED: Πράκτορες παροπλισμένοι αλλά πάντα επικίνδυνοι2010Robert Schwentke75.5
RED 22013Dean Parisot6.6
Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldΟ Σκοτ Πίλγκριμ εναντίον των 7 πρώην2010Edgar Wright7.5
Shazam!Σαζάμ!2019David F. Sandberg77
Something WildΆγριο θηλυκό1986Jonathan Demme6.97
StripesΔύο τρελοί... τρελοί κομάντος!1981Ivan Reitman6.9
The HeatΝτουέτο Εν Δράσει2013Paul Feig6.6
The MaskΗ Μάσκα1994Chuck Russell6.97
Tropic Thunder2008Ben Stiller7
Turbo Kid2015François Simard
Anouk Whissell
Yoann-Karl Whissell

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