10 Cloverfield Lane

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Additional Details
Runtime:103 min1.717 h
Country:United States
Part of:Cloverfield franchise
Other info
TMDb popularity:37.833
DVD released:14 Jun 2016
Box office:$72,082,99867,825,199.474 €
IMDb ID:tt1179933
TMDb ID:333371
MPAA rating
RATED PG-13.svg
Cloverfield >> 10 Cloverfield Lane >> The Cloverfield Paradox

Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Plot: After getting in a car accident, Michelle awakens to find herself in a mysterious bunker with two men named Howard and Emmett. Howard offers her a pair of crutches to help her remain mobile with her leg injury sustained from the car crash and tells her to "get good on those" before leaving the bunker. She has been given the information that there has been an alien attack and the outside world is poisoned. However, Howard and Emmett's intentions soon become questionable and Michelle is faced with a question: Is it better in here or out there?

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