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IMDb rating by 1626 votes


TMDb rating by 12 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:42 min0.7 h
Country:United States
Other info
IMDb ID:tt0502162
TMDb ID:134416
TMDb series ID:1973
MPAA rating
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24 s1e23

Director: Paul Shapiro

Plot: On the day of the California Presidential Primary, between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM, Jack Bauer is contacted by Victor and Andre and they ask him to meet Senator David Palmer to release their assets of US$ 200 millions and then kill Palmer after. Meanwhile Palmer lures Patty, who believes that has seduced him, and fires her. Sherry justifies her actions telling that it would serve to higher purposes. When Jack meets Palmer, he notes that the cell phone is a bomb and saves the senator again. Jack asks Palmer to say to the press that he is dead, trying to buy time and rescue Kim. Kim manages to escape from Drazen and his men jumping in the water. In CTU, the traitor calls Victor and Andre and tells that David Palmer is alive.


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