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Pages proposed for translation

These pages contain text with translation tags, but no version of these pages are currently marked for translation.

  1. Test
  2. Meta:Η Φωτογράφιση των Pornstars
  3. MediaWiki:Edittools
  4. Πρότυπο:Σχόλια-τεστ

Pages in translation

Some version of these pages have been marked for translation.

  1. Donnie Darko - Περί Στρουμφ
  2. Movie genres
  3. Romantic comedy
  4. Αρχική σελίδα
  5. Meta:ASCII boxes in a wiki
  6. Meta:Bogus page
  7. Meta:Test page in English
  8. Meta:Test page in English 2
  9. Αρχείο:Virus B on location, Photo by Dimitris Triantafyllou IMG 9460.jpg

Broken pages

An old version of this page is marked for translation, but the latest version cannot be marked for translation.

  1. Πρότυπο:Genre