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IMDb rating by 685 votes


TMDb rating by 5 votes
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Runtime:47 min0.783 h
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IMDb ID:tt1480389
TMDb ID:570411
TMDb series ID:19092
MPAA rating
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01 Oct 2009

Director: David S. Goyer

Plot: The FBI begin to acquire vital clues about the blackout. The web site they've established leads them to Utah and eventually to the conclusion that there were at at least two people awake during the blackout. Mark Benford is more convinced than ever that his wife Olivia's vision, that she will take up with another man, is inevitable after she meets the man, Lloyd Simcoe, while treating his son at the hospital. Olivia insists that she will never love anyone but him but Mark's attitude may turn the vision into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Demetri Noh gets more information about his own fate. Mark learns some frightening information from his daughter Charlie about her blackout vision.


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