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Test page

This is a test page to test new features on the wiki.

It is not intented for general public.

If you got here by mistake please go to the home page.

Test video: 6271487

  • ID: 6271487
  • Description:

Finally up is my own little space opera : a mesmerizing choregraphy evoking atoms, DNA, seeds, spirals, fractals, etc... inspired by Anaxagoras of Clazomenae.

The first draft screened in 2008 as a backdrop for the robotic and live music performance by URBAN ORCHESTRA at the city council new year celebration meeting critical acclaim.

This is the final director's cut with updated soundtrack and tighter edits to my original vision : 42000 HD frames at 50p running for 14 minutes.

      • converted to 720p 25fps & download enabled***

  • Duration in seconds: 840
  • Width: 1280
  • Height: 720
  • Tags: spheres, spaceballs, motion, design, psychedelic, hypnotic, morphing, choregraphy, ambient, drone, soundscape, trippy
  • Embed privacy: anywhere