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IMDb rating by 4,226 votes


TMDb rating by 61 votes
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Runtime:30 min0.5 h
Country:United States
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TMDb popularity:8.194
IMDb ID:tt2782710
TMDb ID:48552
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TV series
Plot: A fearless, raw approach to storytelling is the trademark of "VICE," a groundbreaking newsmagazine series that tackles global issues often overlooked by traditional media. From anti-government rebellions, to hotbeds of terrorist activity, to conflict and corruption, "VICE" uses an engrossing documentary style to bring unique perspective to events shaping the future. The series takes its name from a youth media company operating in more than 34 countries. Its founder, Shane Smith, is the host and chief on-air correspondent of "VICE," joined by a network of reporters including VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi, documentary filmmaker and author Ben Anderson, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist Fazeelat Aslam, and Iranian photojournalist and filmmaker Gelareh Kiazand.

Laurel left.png Won 2 Primetime Emmys. 6 wins & 23 nominations total Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:134
Total runtime:24.3 hours
Average ratings


MyMDb rating of 1 episodes


IMDb rating of 114 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01Assassination Nation/The Killer Kids of the Taliban8.3
s01e02Escape from North Korea/World's Most Dangerous Border7.9
s01e03Gun School/Toxic Iraq8
s01e04Chinese Cockblock/European Meltdown7.9
s01e05Mormon Lost Boys/The Fat Farms of Mauritania/Mumbai Slumscraper8.3
s01e06China's Ghost Towns/Egypt on the Brink7.9
s01e07Tobaccoland/Underground Heroin Clinic7.9
s01e08Senegalese Laamb Wrestling/The World Is Sinking7.7
s01e09Chiraq/Nigeria's Oil Pirates8.1
s01e10Basketball Diplomacy9
Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman
s02e01Afghan Money Pit & the Pacification of Rio8.2
s02e02Greenland Is Melting & Bonded Labor8.4
s02e03American Scrap & Children of the Drones8.2
s02e04A Syria of Their Own & White Gold8
s02e05Terrorist University & Armageddon Now8.5
s02e06Rocky Mountain High & North Korean Defectors8.1
s02e07The Pink Gang Rebellion & Genetic Passport8.1
s02e08The Resource Curse & Deliver Us from Drought7.9
s02e09Crude Awakening & Enemy of My Enemy7.8
s02e10Playing with Nuclear Fire & No Man Left Behind8.4
s02e11Heroin Warfare & the Coldest War8.5
s02e12Surveillance City & The Forgotten War8.4
s03e00Vice Special Report: Killing Cancer8.8
s03e01Our Rising Oceans8.4
s03e02To Serve and Protect & Coming to America7.9
s03e03We the People & Countdown to Extinction8.4
s03e04Lines in the Sand & Outsourcing Embryos7.9
s03e05Synthetic Drug Revolution & Transsexuals of Iran7.8
s03e06The Post-Antibiotic World & Indonesia's Palm Bomb7.6
s03e07Sweet Home Alabama & Haitian Money Pit7.4
s03e08Egyptian Tomb Raiders & Rent a White Guy7.5
s03e09Savior Seeds & India's Water Crisis7.5
s03e10A Prayer for Uganda & Kidneyville7.5
s03e11Evolution of a Plague & Campus Coverup7.1
s03e12Enemies at the Gates & Global Jihad7.8
s03e13Afghanistan After Us & La Haine7.8
s03e14Cold War 2.08.2
s03e15VICE Special Report: Fixing the SystemShane Smith7.9
s03e16VICE Special Report: Countdown to Zero
s03e18VICE Special Report: Fighting ISIS7.4
s3.5e01Vice Specials - Refugees in LesbosNikolia Apostolou8
s04e00Special Report - A House Divided
s04e01Boko Haram & Unnatural Selection7.9
s04e1.5Vice Specials - Health in Crisis
s04e02Escape to Europe & Cycle of Terror7.4
s04e03Right to Die (Vice)8.1
s04e04Beating Blindness/White Collar Weed7.9
s04e4.5Vice Specials - Unfair Play
s04e05Meathooked & End of Water8.5
s04e06Return to Yemen/Church and States7.5
s04e07Palestine Now and Viva Cuba Libre7.6
s04e08Afghan Women's Rights & Floating Armories8
s04e09The Future of Energy8.6
s04e10Trump in Dubai & China in Africa7.7
s04e11The Deal & City of Lost Children7.4
s04e12The End of Polio and Collateral Damage7.4
s04e12.5Vice Specials: Toxic Waste
s04e13State of Surveillance8.3
s04e14Heroin Crisis & New Age of Nukes7.9
s04e15Flint Water Crisis/Libya on the Brink7.4
s04e16Die Trying7
s04e17Student Debt and Fecal Medicine7.6
s04e18The New $pace Race/Closing Gitmo7.2
s04e18.5VICE Special Report: A World in Disarray7.9
s4.5e01Vice Specials - EU Commission and the Security Industry Lobby
s4.5e02Vice Specials - Greek Students TodaySokratis Spanos
s05e01Assad's Syria & Cost of Climate Change7.7
s05e02Trans YouthShane Smith7.3
s05e03When the Earth Melts & the Displaced8.1
s05e04Kings of Cannabis & Into the Darkness7.6
s05e05Black and Blue/Our Bionic Future7.6
s05e06End of Amateurism7.7
s05e07Life Under Sharia & Plastic Oceans8.4
s05e08Fast Food of Arabia/Nollywood7.7
s05e09Medical Détente & Bananas8.1
s05e10Taliban Resurgence8.2
s05e11Engineering Immortality & Robot Revolution8.3
s05e12Women Behind Bars & Business of Making Art7.8
s05e13Taking Back Iraq & Lost Generation8.2
s05e14The Politics of Terror/End of the EU?7.2
s05e15Future of Firearms & Russia 'Wins' Climate Change8.2
s05e16Last Line of Defense & El Rostro7.7
s05e17Cyber Supremacy & Japan Rising8.2
s05e18Power to the President7.9
s05e19Crude Reality & Between Oil and Water7.9
s05e20Autism Under the Lens7.8
s05e21Show of Force & Return to Somalia8.3
s05e22Controlling the Narrative & Power to Congo
s05e23Dawn of a Dictator7.3
s05e24Dirty Oil & Rebuilding Our Reefs8.1
s05e25Dark Web & Future of Appalachia
s05e26Divide and Conquer & Crackdown in Honduras6.9
s05e27Russian Hacking & Contagion7.3
s05e28Post-Truth News & Microbiome7
s05e29After ISIS & Cubs of the Caliphate8.1
s06e01Raised in the System8.6
s06e02Battle for Jerusalem & A Face In The Crowd7.3
s06e03A Revolution in Ruins/New Kids on the Blockchain7.7
s06e04The Parkland Effect7.2
s06e05Massacre in Myanmar/The Blue Helmets7.3
s06e06Iran in Iraq/Dying on the Vine7.4
s06e07Russian Democracy/Global Gag Rule6.6
s06e08Printing Tomorrow & Are We Alone7.8
s06e09No Choice But to Choose/Rebel Republic7.1
s06e10The Cost of Living/Paradise Lost7
s06e11Separated by Birth6.7
s06e12The Big Fix/Silicon Valley of India7.2
s06e13A Kurdish State & Out of Space7.2
s06e14Opioid Generation & Hindustan7
s06e15After the Fall7.5
s06e16Waiting to Die/Women in War
s06e17Trump's Trade War7.2
s06e18A New Leaf/Quantum Supremacy7.1
s06e19Trans In Texas/Nicaragua Déjà Vu6
s06e20American Piety/Terror in Congo6.5
s06e21Engineering Earth6.6
s06e22Brainhackers/Fall of Rio7.2
s06e24Voodoo Wrestling & Big Placebo
s06e25Death Inc. & Bannon's World7
s06e26The Road To Asylum/Lab Rat Nation7.5
s06e27A Living Hell/MDMA for PTSD7.8
s06e28The War at Home/Putin's Crimea7.5
s06e29Doom Boom/Unfair7.2
s06e30Back in the DPRK/California Burning7.7
s06e31Special Report - The Future of Work
s6.5e01Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism or Protest?
s07e01Keepers of the Caliphate & SIM Kids
s07e02India Burning & Russia's Fight Factory
s07e03Battle for Idlib & Seeking Solitude
s07e04Warning from Wuhan & Cuban Hostage Crisis
s07e05Quitting WeWork & Losing Ground & Italy's Darkest Hour
s07e06Three Borders, One War & Generation TikTok
s07e07Episode 7.7


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