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IMDb rating by 510,801 votes




TMDb rating by 9460 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:92 min1.534 h
Language:English, Arabic, Spanish
Other info
TMDb popularity:26.291
Production:Buena Vista Pictures
DVD released:17 Oct 2000
IMDb ID:tt0120363
TMDb ID:863
MPAA rating
Toy Story >> Toy Story 2 >> Toy Story 3
Plot: While Andy is away at summer camp Woody has been toynapped by Al McWiggin, a greedy collector and proprietor of "Al's Toy Barn"! In this all-out rescue mission, Buzz and his friends Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm springs into action to rescue Woody from winding up as a museum piece. They must find a way to save him before he gets sold in Japan forever and they'll never see him again!

Laurel left.png Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 21 wins & 26 nominations. Laurel right.png


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