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IMDb rating by 185,442 votes


TMDb rating by 1005 votes


TVDb rating by 292 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:45 min0.75 h
Country:Canada, USA
Other info
Airs every:Wednesday at 8:00 PM
TMDb popularity:35.713
IMDb ID:tt0106179
TMDb ID:4087
TVDb ID:77398
MPAA rating
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TV series
1993-2018 Ended
Plot: Two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work in an unassigned detail of the bureau called the X-Files investigating cases dealing with unexplained paranormal phenomena. Mulder, a true believer, and Scully, a skeptic, perceive their cases from stand points of science and the paranormal.

Laurel left.png Won 5 Golden Globes. Another 91 wins & 213 nominations. Laurel right.png


Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:206
Total runtime:37.4 hours
Average ratings


MyMDb rating of 11 episodes


IMDb rating of 206 episodes
No TitleParanormal themeDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01Pilot (The X-Files)Ico specie.pngRobert Mandel8.3
s01e02Deep ThroatIco specie.png Daniel Sackheim8.3
s01e03SqueezeHarry Longstreet8.7
s01e04ConduitIco specie.png Daniel Sackheim7.7
s01e05The Jersey DevilJoe Napolitano7.2
s01e06Shadows (The X Files) Michael Katleman7.4
s01e07Ghost in the MachineJerrold Freedman6.8
s01e08Ice David Nutter8.9
s01e09SpaceWilliam A. Graham6.2
s01e10Fallen AngelIco specie.pngLarry Shaw8
s01e11EveFred Gerber8.3
s01e12FirePyrokinesisLarry Shaw7.5
s01e13Beyond the Sea David Nutter8.7
s01e14Gender Bender Rob Bowman7.6
s01e15Lazarus David Nutter7.2
s01e16Young at HeartMichael Lange7.5
s01e17E.B.E.Ico specie.pngWilliam A. Graham8.6
s01e18Miracle ManMichael Lange7.2
s01e19Shapes David Nutter7.1
s01e20Darkness FallsJoe Napolitano8.6
s01e21Tooms David Nutter8.5
s01e22Born AgainJerrold Freedman7.3
s01e23RolandTwin Telepathy David Nutter7.4
 Zeljko Ivanek
s01e24The Erlenmeyer FlaskIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin9.1
s02e01Little Green MenIco specie.png David Nutter8.3
 Raymond J. Barry
s02e02The HostFlukeman Daniel Sackheim8.4
s02e03Blood David Nutter7.7
s02e05Duane BarryIco specie.png Chris Carter8.8
s02e06AscensionIco specie.pngMichael Lange8.8
s02e073Vampirism David Nutter6.6
s02e08One BreathIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin8.6
s02e09Firewalker David Nutter7.4
s02e10Red MuseumIco specie.pngWin Phelps7.9
s02e11Excelsis Dei Stephen Surjik7.2
s02e12Aubrey Rob Bowman7.7
 Terry O'Quinn
s02e13IrresistibleFetishism David Nutter8.3
s02e14Die Hand die verletzt Kim Manners8.3
s02e15Fresh Bones Rob Bowman7.3
s02e16ColonyIco specie.pngNick Marck9
s02e17End GameIco specie.png Rob Bowman9
s02e18Fearful Symmetry James Whitmore Jr.6.5
s02e19Død Kalm Rob Bowman7.7
s02e20HumbugParasitic twin Kim Manners8.8
s02e21The CalusariMichael Vejar7.7
s02e22F. Emasculata Rob Bowman8.2
 Dean Norris
s02e23Soft LightDark matter & Spontaneous human combustionJames A. Contner8
s02e24Our TownCannibalism and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (human mad cow disease) Rob Bowman8.1
s02e25AnasaziIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin9.3
s03e01The Blessing WayIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin8.8
s03e02Paper ClipIco specie.png Rob Bowman9.2
s03e03D.P.O. Kim Manners8
 Jack Black
s03e04Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose David Nutter9.3
s03e05The List Chris Carter7.3
s03e062Shy David Nutter7.7
s03e07The Walk (The X Files) Rob Bowman7.4
s03e08Oubliette Kim Manners7.9
 Jewel Staite
s03e09NiseiIco specie.png David Nutter8.7
 Raymond J. Barry
s03e10731Ico specie.png Rob Bowman8.9
s03e11RevelationsStigmata David Nutter7.4
s03e12War of the Coprophages Kim Manners8.9
s03e13Syzygy Rob Bowman7.9
 Ryan Reynolds
s03e14Grotesque Kim Manners7.7
s03e15Piper MaruIco specie.png Rob Bowman8.7
s03e16ApocryphaIco specie.png Kim Manners8.8
s03e17Pusher Rob Bowman8.7
s03e18Teso dos Bichos Kim Manners6.1
s03e19Hell MoneyTucker Gates7.2
s03e20Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'Men in Black Rob Bowman10
s03e21Avatar (episode)Jim Charleston7.9
s03e22QuagmireLake monster Kim Manners8.3
s03e23WetwiredIco specie.png Rob Bowman8.5
s03e24Talitha CumiIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin8.7
s04e01HerrenvolkIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin8.6
 Laurie Holden
s04e02Home Kim Manners9
s04e03TelikoJim Charleston6.9
 Laurie Holden
s04e04UnruheThoughtography Rob Bowman8.3
 Pruitt Taylor Vince
s04e05The Field Where I Died Rob Bowman9
s04e06Sanguinarium Kim Manners7.5
s04e07Musings of a Cigarette Smoking ManIco specie.pngJames Wong9.2
s04e08TunguskaIco specie.png Kim Manners8.8
 Laurie Holden
s04e09TermaIco specie.png Rob Bowman8.5
s04e10Paper Hearts Rob Bowman8.9
s04e11El Mundo GiraTucker Gates7
s04e12Leonard Betts Kim Manners8.5
s04e13Never Again Rob Bowman7.8
s04e14Memento MoriIco specie.png Rob Bowman8.6
s04e15KaddishGolem Kim Manners7.2
s04e16UnrequitedMichael Lange7.5
 Laurie Holden
s04e17Tempus FugitIco specie.png Rob Bowman8.6
s04e18MaxIco specie.png Kim Manners8.6
s04e19SynchronyJim Charleston7.9
s04e20Small PotatoesHuman vestigialityCliff Bole9.1
s04e21Zero SumIco specie.png Kim Manners8.4
 Laurie Holden
s04e22ElegyJim Charleston8
s04e23Demons (The X-Files)Ico specie.png Kim Manners8.2
s04e24GethsemaneIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin8.8
s05e01ReduxIco specie.pngR.W. Goodwin10
s05e02Redux IIIco specie.png Kim Manners9.2
s05e03Unusual Suspects Kim Manners8.7
s05e04DetourBrett Dowler8.4
s05e05The Post-Modern PrometheusAllotransplantation (frankensteinism) Chris Carter8.8
s05e06Christmas CarolIco specie.png Peter Markle8
s05e07EmilyIco specie.png Kim Manners7.8
s05e08Kitsunegari Daniel Sackheim8
s05e09Schizogeny Ralph Hemecker7.2
s05e10Chinga Kim Manners7.9
s05e11Kill SwitchArtificial intelligence Rob Bowman8.1
s05e12Bad BloodVampirismCliff Bole9.4
s05e13Patient XIco specie.png Kim Manners8.5
 Laurie Holden
s05e14The Red and the BlackIco specie.png Chris Carter8.6
 Laurie Holden
s05e15TravelersIco specie.pngWilliam A. Graham7.7
s05e16Mind's Eye Kim Manners8
s05e17All Souls Allen Coulter7.7
s05e18The Pine Bluff Variant Rob Bowman8.4
s05e19Folie a Deux Kim Manners8.8
s05e20The End (The X Files)Ico specie.pngR.W. Goodwin9
s06e01The BeginningIco specie.png Kim Manners8.4
s06e02Drive (The X-Files) Rob Bowman8.7
 Bryan Cranston
s06e03TriangleBermuda Triangle Chris Carter8.8
s06e04DreamlandIco specie.png Rob Bowman9.1
s06e05Dreamland IIIco specie.png Michael W. Watkins9
s06e06How the Ghosts Stole ChristmasHaunted house Chris Carter8.4
s06e07Terms of EndearmentDemon Rob Bowman8
s06e08The Rain KingPsychic weather control (rainmaking) Kim Manners7.6
s06e09S.R. 819Ico specie.png Daniel Sackheim8.2
 Raymond J. Barry
s06e10Tithonus Michael W. Watkins8.5
s06e11Two FathersIco specie.png Kim Manners8.9
s06e12One SonIco specie.png Rob Bowman9
 Laurie Holden
s06e13Agua Mala Rob Bowman7.6
s06e14Monday Kim Manners9
s06e15ArcadiaÜbermenscher (Tulpa) Michael W. Watkins8.7
s06e16Alpha (The X Files) Peter Markle6.6
s06e17Trevor Rob Bowman7.5
s06e18Milagro Kim Manners8.1
s06e19The Unnatural David Duchovny8.7
s06e20Three of a Kind Bryan Spicer8.2
s06e21Field Trip (The X-Files) Kim Manners8.7
s06e22BiogenesisIco specie.png Rob Bowman8.5
s07e01The Sixth ExtinctionIco specie.png Kim Manners8.1
s07e02The Sixth Extinction II: Amor FatiIco specie.png Michael W. Watkins8.1
s07e03Hungry Kim Manners0
s07e04Millennium Thomas J. Wright8.1
s07e05Rush Robert Lieberman7.6
 Ann Dowd
s07e06The Goldberg Variation Thomas J. Wright8.4
s07e07Orison Rob Bowman7.9
s07e08The Amazing Maleeni Thomas J. Wright0
s07e09Signs & Wonders Kim Manners6.9
s07e10Sein und ZeitIco specie.png Michael W. Watkins8.3
s07e11ClosureIco specie.png (DVD only) Kim Manners8.4
s07e12X-Cops Michael W. Watkins8.5
s07e13First Person Shooter Chris Carter6.5
 Constance Zimmer
s07e14Theef Kim Manners7.6
s07e15En AmiIco specie.png Rob Bowman8.3
s07e16ChimeraCliff Bole7.7
s07e17All Things Gillian Anderson7.2
s07e18Brand X Kim Manners7.8
s07e19Hollywood A.D. David Duchovny7.6
 Minnie Driver
s07e20Fight Club (The X-Files) Paul Shapiro6.2
s07e21Je SouhaiteGenie Vince Gilligan8.6
 Kevin Weisman
s07e22RequiemIco specie.png (DVD only) Kim Manners8.8
 Laurie Holden
s08e01WithinIco specie.png Kim Manners8.4
s08e02WithoutIco specie.png Kim Manners8.5
s08e03Patience Chris Carter7.8
s08e04RoadrunnersRod Hardy8.3
s08e05InvocationRichard Compton7.9
s08e06Redrum Peter Markle8.5
 Bellamy Young
s08e07Via Negativa Tony Wharmby7.9
s08e08Surekill Terrence O'Hara7.1
s08e09SalvageRod Hardy7.1
s08e10Badlaa Tony Wharmby7.3
s08e11The GiftIco specie.png (book only) Kim Manners8
s08e12MedusaRichard Compton7.7
s08e13Per ManumIco specie.png Kim Manners8.2
s08e14This Is Not HappeningIco specie.png Kim Manners8.6
s08e15DeadaliveIco specie.png Tony Wharmby8.4
s08e16Three WordsIco specie.png Tony Wharmby8.4
s08e17EmpedoclesBarry K. Thomas7.5
s08e18VienenIco specie.pngRod Hardy8.2
 Miguel Sandoval
s08e19Alone Frank Spotnitz8.1
s08e20EssenceIco specie.png Kim Manners8.6
s08e21ExistenceIco specie.png Kim Manners9
s09e01Nothing Important Happened TodayIco specie.png Kim Manners7.6
s09e02Nothing Important Happened Today IIIco specie.png Tony Wharmby7.7
s09e03Dæmonicus Frank Spotnitz7.5
s09e044-D Tony Wharmby8.1
s09e05Lord of the Flies Kim Manners7.1
s09e06Trust No 1Ico specie.png Tony Wharmby7.8
 Terry O'Quinn
s09e07John Doe Michelle MacLaren7.8
s09e08Hellbound Kim Manners7.4
s09e09ProvenanceIco specie.png Kim Manners7.7
s09e10Providence (The X Files)Ico specie.png (DVD only) Chris Carter7.5
s09e11Audrey Pauley Kim Manners7.8
s09e12Underneath John Shiban7.3
s09e13Improbable Chris Carter7.6
s09e14Scary Monsters Dwight H. Little7.6
s09e15Jump the SharkIco specie.png (book only)Cliff Bole7.6
 Zuleikha Robinson
s09e16WilliamIco specie.png David Duchovny8
s09e17Release Kim Manners8.4
s09e18Sunshine Days Vince Gilligan7.9
 Michael Emerson
s09e19The Truth: Parts 1 & 2Ico specie.png Kim Manners8.5
 Laurie Holden
s10e01My StruggleIco specie.png Chris Carter7.5
s10e02Founder's MutationJames Wong7
s10e03Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster Darin Morgan9
s10e04Home AgainTulpa Glen Morgan5
s10e05Babylon (The X Files) Chris Carter7
 Lauren Ambrose
s10e06My Struggle IIIco specie.png Chris Carter9
 Lauren Ambrose


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