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IMDb rating by 11,530 votes


TMDb rating by 76 votes


TVDb rating by 32 votes


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Runtime:50 min0.834 h
Language:English, Russian, German, Romany, Spanish, French, Polish
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Airs every:Sunday at 8:00 PM
TMDb popularity:10.929
Production:Romar Entertainment
DVD released:17 Nov 2009
IMDb ID:tt0061287
TMDb ID:894
TVDb ID:74805
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This page is about the cult series of 1967. For the remake of 2009, see The Prisoner (2009)
TV series
1967-1968 Ended
Plot: "The Prisoner" is a unique piece of television. It addresses issues such as personal identity and freedom, democracy, education, scientific progress, art and technology, while still remaining an entertaining drama series. Over seventeen episodes we witness a war of attrition between the faceless forces behind 'The Village' (a Kafkaesque community somewhere between Butlins and Alcatraz) and its most strong willed inmate, No. 6. who struggles ceaselessly to assert his individuality while plotting to escape from his captors.

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Remade as:

A New Yorker awakens to find himself in a place called The Village run by a man known as Two. As everyone in The Village is referred to only by a number, everyone in The Village refers to him as Six - despite he himself knowing that he has another name - and seems to know who he is. He is told he lives in The Village and that The Village is the only reality there is. Six's mission becomes to find out where The Village is, who Two is and why he is seemingly keeping him prisoner in The Village (despite Two stating that Six is a free man), and how he can escape to his life back in New York. Six has to learn who among the Villagers he can trust - who include a doctor named 313, a cab driver named 147, and Two's own son named 11-12 - in his quest to escape from The Village. Six also has recurring memories of his life in New York, including an encounter with a woman named Lucy, which may be part of the key to discovering why he's in The Village.



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