The Joy of Painting

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IMDb rating by 4,432 votes


TMDb rating by 26 votes
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Runtime:30 min0.5 h
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TMDb popularity:5.715
IMDb ID:tt0383795
TMDb ID:10382
MPAA rating
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TV series
Plot: In this half-hour program, artist Bob Ross paints on canvas a beautiful oil painting.

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:144
Total runtime:24 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 5 episodes
No TitleDirectorRating
s01e08Peaceful Valley
s02e01Meadow Lake9
s02e03Ebony Sea
s02e06Black RiverSally Schenck
s02e10Lazy River
s02e11Black Waterfall
s02e12Mountain Waterfall
s03e04Winter Night
s03e09The Old Mill
s03e11Rustic Barn
s03e12Hidden Lake
s04e04Winter Sawscape
s04e07Cabin in the Woods
s04e11Autumn Glory
s05e05Quiet Pond
s05e06Ocean Sunrise
s05e08Arizona Splendor
s06e08Horizons West
s06e09High Chateau
s06e11Western Expanse
s07e01Winter Cabin
s07e10Mountain Glory
s07e13Dark Waterfall
s08e05Hunter's Haven
s09e02Surf's Up
s09e05Winter Oval
s09e06Secluded Beach
s09e07Forest Hills
s09e08Little House by the Road
s09e10Country Charm
s09e11Nature's Paradise
s09e13Mountain Hideaway
s10e01Towering Peaks
s10e03Twin Falls
s10e05Ocean Breeze
s10e07Winter Solitude
s10e10Ocean Sunset
s11e02Country Cabin
s11e05Towering Glacier8.5
s11e07Lakeside Path8.8
s11e08Sunset Oval
s11e12Roadside Barn8
s12e12Mountain in an Oval
s12e13Winter Mountain
s13e01Rolling Hills
s13e05Mountain View
s13e08Mountain Exhibition
s13e09Emerald Waters
s13e11Cabin Hideaway
s13e13Lost Lake
s14e11Shadow Pond
s14e13Natural Wonder
s15e01Splendor of Winter
s15e05Hidden Winter Moon Oval
s15e08Fall Stream
s15e09Springtime at Mountain Lake
s15e12Deep Forest LakeSally Schenck
s16e03Wintertime Discovery
s16e05Double Oval FantasySally Schenck
s16e08High TideSally Schenck
s16e09Barn in Snow OvalSally Schenck
s16e12Mighty Mountain LakeSally Schenck
s17e02The Old Home PlaceSally Schenck
s17e03Soothing VistaSally Schenck
s17e07Spectular Waterfall
s17e10Old Country Mill
s17e11Morning Walk
s18e02Absolutely Autumn
s18e04Crimson Oval
s18e05Autumn Expidition
s18e11Enchanted Forest
s19e02Quiet Mountain Lake
s19e03Final Embers of Sunlight
s19e05Camper's Haven
s19e07Covered Bridge Oval
s19e09Ebb Tide (The Joy of Painting)
s19e10After the Rain
s19e11Winter Elegance
s19e12Evening's Peace
s19e13Valley of Tranquility
s20e03Winter in Pastel
s20e05Divine Elegance
s20e07Autumn Fantasy
s20e08The Old Oak Tree
s20e12Hidden Delight
s20e13Double TakeSally Schenck
s21e02Tranquil DawnSally Schenck
s21e04Serenity (The Joy of Painting)
s21e05Cabin at Trail's End
s21e08By the Sea
s21e10Blue Winter
s21e13Florida's Glory
s22e02Hint of Springtime
s22e03Around the Bend
s22e05Russet WinterSally Schenck
s23e04Reflections of Gold8.2
s23e07At Dawn's LightSally Schenck
s23e10Falls in the Glen
s23e11Frozen Beauty in Vignette
s24e01Gray Mountain
s24e05A Pretty Autumn Day
s24e07Back-Country Path
s24e08Graceful Waterfall
s24e09Icy Lake
s24e12The Footbridge
s24e13Snowbound Cabin
s25e03Not Quite Spring
s25e05Summer in the Mountains
s25e06Oriental Falls
s25e07Autumn Palette
s25e12Desert Hues
s26e01In the Stillness of the Morning
s26e03First Snow
s26e05A Trace of Spring
s26e09Tranquil Wooded Stream
s26e11Storm's a Comin'
s26e12Sunset Glow
s26e13Evening at the Falls
s27e02Angler's Haven
s27e06Daisies at Dawn
s27e09Island Paradise
s27e11Splendor of a Snowy Winter
s28e05The Magic of Fall
s28e08Deep Forest Falls
s28e09Winter's Grace
s28e10Splendor of Autumn
s28e11Tranquil Seas
s28e13Home Before Nightfall
s29e01Island in the Wilderness
s29e03Seasonal Progression
s29e05Countryside Barn
s30e01Babbling Brook
s30e06Misty Foothills
s30e11A Cold Spring Day
s30e12Evening's Glow
s31e01Reflections of Calm
s31e02Before the Snowfall
s31e03Winding Stream
s31e05Cabin in the Hollow
s31e08Trail's End
s31e10Balmy BeachSally Schenck
s31e12In the Midst of Winter


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