The Illustrated Man

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IMDb rating by 2,710 votes


TMDb rating by 33 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:103 min1.717 h
Other info
TMDb popularity:3.932
Production:Warner Bros. Pictures
DVD released:19 Dec 2006
IMDb ID:tt0064473
TMDb ID:25874
MPAA rating

Director: Jack Smight

Plot: The Illustrated Man is classic Bradbury, a collection of eighteen startling visions of humankind's destiny, unfolding across a canvas of decorated skin, visions as keen as the tattooist's needle and as colorful as the inks that indelibly stain the body. The images, ideas, sounds and scents that abound in this phantasmagoric sideshow are provocative and powerful: the mournful cries of celestial travelers cast out cruelly into a vast space of stars and blackness, the sight of gray dust settling over a forgotten outpost on a road that leads nowhere, the pungent odor of Jupiter on a returning father's clothing. Here living cities take their vengeance, technology awakens the most primal natural instincts, Martian invasions are foiled by the good life and the glad hand, and dreams are carried aloft in junkyard rockets.

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