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IMDb rating by 148,323 votes


TMDb rating by 612 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:50 min0.834 h
Other info
TMDb popularity:19.856
IMDb ID:tt6763664
TMDb ID:72844
MPAA rating
Black TV-MA icon.png
TV series
Plot: Flashing between past and present, a fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it.

Laurel left.png 10 wins & 32 nominations. Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:10
Total runtime:9.6 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 10 episodes
No TitleDirectorRating
s01e01Steven Sees a Ghost Mike Flanagan8.2
s01e02Open Casket Mike Flanagan8
s01e03Touch Mike Flanagan8.7
s01e04The Twin Thing Mike Flanagan8.6
s01e05The Bent-Neck Lady Mike Flanagan9.5
s01e06Two Storms Mike Flanagan9.4
s01e07Eulogy (The Haunting of Hill House) Mike Flanagan8.4
s01e08Witness Marks Mike Flanagan8.9
s01e09Screaming Meemies Mike Flanagan8.9
s01e10Silence Lay Steadily Mike Flanagan8.5


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