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|Is episode of season number=3
|Is episode of season number=3
|Is episode number=20
|Is episode number=20
|Is guest acted by=Seth MacFarlane
|Is watchlisted=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level why=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level more=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level expert=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level spoiler=Όχι

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IMDb rating by 485 votes


TMDb rating by 7 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:43 min0.717 h
Other info
IMDb ID:tt0572256
TMDb ID:15592
TMDb series ID:314
MPAA rating
Black TV-PG icon.png
28 Apr 2004

Director: LeVar Burton

Plot: Enterprise has arrived on time for the appointment with Xindi Degra. Captain Archer invites them to their ship, while he does his best to convince both Degra and Arboreal Jannar that the destruction of Earth is actually part of the grand scheme of the sphere builders to conquer the universe. While Jannar remains reluctant, Degra seems to be slightly won over. Trip Tucker is having a hard time keeping Enterprise in shape and is also having difficulties with writing a letter to the parents of crewman Taylor, informing of her death. Then trouble arises when out of the blue a Reptilian ship arrives.


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