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|Is episode of season number=2
|Is episode of season number=2
|Is episode number=7
|Is episode number=7
|Is guest acted by=J.K. Simmons
|Is watchlisted=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level why=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level more=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level expert=Όχι
|Is whatever translated level spoiler=Όχι
|Has IMDb scraped airdate=16 Jan. 2005
|Has IMDb scraped airdate=16 Jan. 2005

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IMDb rating by 1521 votes


TMDb rating by 5 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:30 min0.5 h
Other info
IMDb ID:tt0515248
TMDb ID:331675
TMDb series ID:4589
MPAA rating
Black TV-PG icon.png
16 Jan 2005

Director: Paul Feig

Plot: Gob suspects that rival housing contractor Stan Sitwell is up for a power grab at the Bluth Company when he wants to hire Gob. Michael plans the annual softball game between the rival ...



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