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Farm-Fresh user superman.png Superhero genre
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Type: IMDb genre
Subgenre of: Speculative fiction
Average genre ratings
of 30 films and 4 TV series.


MyMDb average of 11 movies


IMDb average of 0 movies


Metascore average of 24 movies


TMDb average of 31 movies


TVDb average of 0 series
Rotten Tomatoes


Critics average of 0 movies


Users average of 1 movies

A superhero film is a film that is focused on the actions of one or more superheroes: individuals who usually possess superhuman abilities relative to a normal person and are dedicated to protecting the public. These films typically feature action, adventure, fantasy or science fiction elements, with the first film of a particular character often including a focus on the origin of their special powers and their first confrontation with their most famous supervillain or archenemy.


Original titleInternational English titleGreek titleYearDirectorIMDbMyMDb
Batman Begins2005Christopher Nolan
Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley QuinnHarley Quinn: Birds of PreyΑρπακτικά Πτηνά: Και η Φαντασμαγορική Χειραφέτηση της Χάρλεϊ Κουίν2020Cathy Yan7
BladeΣκοτεινή δύναμη1998Stephen Norrington
Blade: Trinity2004David S. Goyer
Captain America: The First AvengerΟ Πρώτος Εκδικητής: Captain America2011Joe Johnston7
ElektraΗλέκτρα2005Rob Bowman
Fantastic Four2005Tim Story
Freaks - Du bist eine von unsFreaks: You're One of UsΦρικιά: Είσαι Ένας από Εμάς2020Felix Binder5
Ghost Rider2007Mark Steven Johnson
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017James Gunn8
Justice League2017Zack Snyder
Justice League Part Two2019Zack Snyder
Kick-Ass2010Matthew Vaughn10
Kick-Ass 2Kick-Ass 2: Με την Πλάτη στον Τοίχο2013Jeff Wadlow6
LoganΛόγκαν2017James Mangold7
Morbius2021Daniel Espinosa
Shazam!Σαζάμ!2019David F. Sandberg
SpawnΣκοτεινός εκδικητής1997Mark A.Z. Dippé
Spider-Man: Homecoming2017Jon Watts
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut2006Richard Donner
Richard Lester
The Green Hornet2011Michel Gondry
The IncrediblesΟι Απίθανοι2004Brad Bird10
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenΗ συμμαχία2003Stephen Norrington
The WolverineΓούλβεριν2013James Mangold
Venom2018Ruben Fleischer
Watchmen2009Zack Snyder3
Wonder Woman2017Patty Jenkins
X-Men2000Bryan Singer9

TV series

Original titleInternational English titleGreek titleFromToNetworkIMDbMyMDb
The Defenders2017
The FlashΟ Φλας2014
The Umbrella AcademyΗ Ακαδημία της Ομπρέλας2019

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