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IMDb rating by 77,306 votes


TMDb rating by 672 votes
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Additional Details
Runtime:60 min1 h
Language:English, Klingon
Part of:Star Trek Universe
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Other info
TMDb popularity:43.658
IMDb ID:tt5171438
TMDb ID:67198
MPAA rating
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Σταρ Τρεκ: Ντισκάβερι  
TV series
Plot: Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien.

Laurel left.png Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 8 wins & 35 nominations. Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:29
Total runtime:23.3 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 27 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01The Vulcan Hello David Semel7.1
s01e02Battle at the Binary Stars Adam Kane7.4
s01e03Context is for Kings Akiva Goldsman7.8
s01e04The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry Olatunde Osunsanmi7.2
s01e05Choose Your PainLee Rose7.5
s01e06Lethe Douglas Aarniokoski7.4
s01e07Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad David Barrett7.5
s01e08Si Vis Pacem, Para BellumJohn Scott6.9
s01e09Into the Forest I GoChristopher J. Byrne7.9
s01e10Despite Yourself Jonathan Frakes8.2
s01e11The Wolf Inside T.J. Scott7.8
s01e12Vaulting Ambition Hanelle M. Culpepper8.1
s01e13What's Past is Prologue Olatunde Osunsanmi8.5
s01e14The War Without, the War Within David Solomon7.5
s01e15Will You Take My Hand? Akiva Goldsman7
s02e01Brother (Star Trek: Discovery) Alex Kurtzman7.3
s02e02New Eden Jonathan Frakes7.8
 Sheila McCarthy
s02e03Point of Light Olatunde Osunsanmi6.5
s02e04An Obol for CharonLee Rose7.2
s02e05Saints of Imperfection David Barrett6.6
s02e06The Sound of Thunder Douglas Aarniokoski7.7
s02e07Light and Shadows Marta Cunningham7.3
s02e08If Memory Serves T.J. Scott8.5
s02e09Project Daedalus Jonathan Frakes8.1
s02e10The Red Angel Hanelle M. Culpepper7.5
s02e11Perpetual InfinityMaja Vrvilo7.7
s02e12Through the Valley of Shadows Douglas Aarniokoski7.7
s02e13Such Sweet Sorrow Olatunde Osunsanmi
s02e14Such Sweet Sorrow: Part 2 Olatunde Osunsanmi

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A series of stand-alone short films featuring characters and storylines from Star Trek: Discovery (2017).



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