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IMDb rating by 48,307 votes


TMDb rating by 342 votes
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Runtime:45 min0.75 h
Language:English, Klingon
Part of:Star Trek Universe
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TMDb popularity:28.358
IMDb ID:tt0106145
TMDb ID:580
MPAA rating
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Σταρ Τρεκ: Διαστημικός σταθμός 9  
Level Why
TV series
Plot: The stable wormhole discovered by the Deep Space Nine crew is known to the Bajoran people as the Celestial Temple of their Prophets. Sisko, as discoverer of the wormhole and its inhabitants, is therefore the Emissary of Bajoran prophesy. The wormhole's other end is in the Gamma Quadrant, halfway around the galaxy from Bajor. That section of space is dominated by the malevolent Dominion. The Dominion is led by the Changelings, the race of shapeshifters to which Odo belongs. As of the beginning of the sixth season, Cardassia has joined the Dominion, and together they are waging war on the Federation and their Klingon allies. The war is quickly becoming the most costly war ever for the Federation, and the Deep Space Nine crew must fight to protect their way of life.

Laurel left.png Won 4 Primetime Emmys. Another 55 wins & 116 nominations. Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:174
Total runtime:39.3 hours
Average ratings


MyMDb rating of 1 episodes


IMDb rating of 174 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01Emissary David Carson7.4
s01e02Past PrologueWinrich Kolbe7
s01e03A Man AlonePaul Lynch6.9
s01e04Babel (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Paul Lynch6.9
s01e05Captive Pursuit Corey Allen7.7
s01e06Q-LessPaul Lynch6.8
s01e07Dax David Carson7.2
 Fionnula Flanagan,  Gregory Itzin
s01e08The PassengerPaul Lynch6.3
s01e09Move Along Home David Carson5.9
s01e10The NagusDavid Livingston7.1
s01e11VortexWinrich Kolbe7
s01e12Battle LinesPaul Lynch6.6
 Jonathan Banks
s01e13The StorytellerDavid Livingston6
s01e14ProgressLes Landau6.8
s01e15If Wishes Were HorsesRobert Legato6.4
s01e16The ForsakenLes Landau6.7
s01e17Dramatis PersonaeCliff Bole7
s01e18Duet James L. Conway9
s01e19In the Hands of the ProphetsDavid Livingston7.8
s02e01The HomecomingWinrich Kolbe7.8
s02e02The Circle Corey Allen7.7
s02e03The SiegeWinrich Kolbe7.9
s02e04Invasive ProceduresLes Landau6.9
s02e05CardassiansCliff Bole7.4
s02e06MeloraWinrich Kolbe6.2
s02e07Rules of AcquisitionDavid Livingston7.3
s02e08Necessary Evil James L. Conway8.1
s02e09Second SightAlexander Singer6.1
s02e10SanctuaryLes Landau6.5
s02e11RivalsDavid Livingston6.7
s02e12The Alternate David Carson6.7
s02e13Armageddon GameWinrich Kolbe7.4
s02e14Whispers (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Les Landau8.2
s02e14WhispersLes Landau0
s02e15Paradise Corey Allen6.8
s02e16ShadowplayRobert Scheerer7.2
s02e17Playing GodDavid Livingston6.5
s02e18Profit and LossRobert Wiemer7.1
s02e19Blood OathWinrich Kolbe8
s02e20The Maquis: Part 1David Livingston7.8
s02e21The Maquis: Part 2 Corey Allen8
s02e22The Wire (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Kim Friedman8.1
s02e23CrossoverDavid Livingston8
s02e24The CollaboratorCliff Bole7.1
s02e25Tribunal Avery Brooks7.6
s02e26The Jem'HadarKim Friedman8.5
s03e01The Search: Part 1Kim Friedman8.3
s03e02The Search: Part 2 Jonathan Frakes8.3
s03e03The House of QuarkLes Landau7.9
s03e04Equilibrium (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Cliff Bole6.6
s03e05Second SkinLes Landau7.7
s03e06The Abandoned Avery Brooks6.9
s03e07Civil Defense Reza Badiyi7.8
s03e08Meridian Jonathan Frakes5.5
s03e09DefiantCliff Bole7.9
s03e10Fascination Avery Brooks6.1
s03e11Past Tense: Part 1 Reza Badiyi7.9
s03e12Past Tense: Part 2 Jonathan Frakes7.9
s03e13Life Support Reza Badiyi6.8
s03e14Heart of StoneAlexander Singer7
s03e15DestinyLes Landau7.3
s03e16Prophet Motive Rene Auberjonois6.7
s03e17Visionary (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Reza Badiyi7.7
s03e18Distant VoicesAlexander Singer6.5
s03e19Through the Looking Glass (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Winrich Kolbe7.5
s03e20Improbable Cause Avery Brooks8.7
s03e21The Die Is CastDavid Livingston8.8
s03e22ExplorersCliff Bole7.2
s03e23Family Business Rene Auberjonois7
s03e24Shakaar Jonathan West6.9
s03e25FacetsCliff Bole7.1
s03e26The AdversaryAlexander Singer8.2
s04e01The Way of the Warrior James L. Conway8.8
s04e02The VisitorDavid Livingston9
s04e03Hippocratic Oath Rene Auberjonois7.6
s04e04Indiscretion LeVar Burton7.8
s04e05Rejoined Avery Brooks7.1
s04e06Starship DownAlexander Singer7.8
s04e07Little Green Men (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) James L. Conway8.3
s04e08The Sword of Kahless LeVar Burton7.2
s04e09Our Man BashirWinrich Kolbe8
s04e10HomefrontDavid Livingston8.3
 Susan Gibney
s04e11Paradise Lost Reza Badiyi8
 Susan Gibney
s04e12Crossfire (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Les Landau7.1
s04e13Return to Grace Jonathan West7.7
s04e14Sons of MoghDavid Livingston7.2
s04e15Bar Association LeVar Burton7.2
s04e16AccessionLes Landau7.1
s04e17Rules of Engagement LeVar Burton7.4
s04e18Hard TimeAlexander Singer8.3
s04e19Shattered Mirror James L. Conway7.3
s04e20The MuseDavid Livingston5.8
s04e21For the Cause James L. Conway7.8
s04e22To the Death LeVar Burton8
s04e23The Quickening Rene Auberjonois7.5
s04e24Body Parts Avery Brooks7.5
s04e25Broken LinkLes Landau8.3
s05e01Apocalypse Rising James L. Conway8.2
s05e02The ShipKim Friedman8.1
s05e03Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places Andrew Robinson7.8
s05e04...Nor the Battle to the StrongKim Friedman7.5
s05e05The Assignment Allan Kroeker7.1
s05e06Trials and Tribble-ations Jonathan West9.4
s05e07Let He Who Is Without Sin... Rene Auberjonois5.4
s05e08Things Past LeVar Burton7.5
s05e09The Ascent Allan Kroeker7.3
s05e10Rapture (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Jonathan West7.3
s05e11The Darkness and the LightMichael Vejar6.9
s05e12The BegottenJesús Salvador Treviño7.7
s05e13For the UniformVictor Lobl7.7
s05e14In Purgatory's ShadowGabrielle Beaumont8.8
s05e15By Inferno's LightLes Landau8.6
s05e16Doctor Bashir, I Presume?David Livingston7.7
s05e17A Simple InvestigationJohn T. Kretchmer6.6
s05e18Business as Usual Alexander Siddig7.4
s05e19Ties of Blood and Water Avery Brooks7
s05e20Ferengi Love Songs Rene Auberjonois6.5
s05e21Soldiers of the Empire LeVar Burton7.6
s05e22Children of Time Allan Kroeker7.9
s05e23Blaze of GloryKim Friedman7.7
s05e24Empok NorMichael Vejar7.6
s05e25In the Cards Michael Dorn7.8
s05e26Call to Arms Allan Kroeker9
s06e01A Time to Stand Allan Kroeker8.6
s06e02Rocks and ShoalsMichael Vejar8.6
s06e03Sons and DaughtersJesús Salvador Treviño7.1
s06e04Behind the Lines LeVar Burton7.9
s06e05Favor the BoldWinrich Kolbe8.4
s06e06Sacrifice of Angels Allan Kroeker8.7
s06e07You Are Cordially Invited...David Livingston7.3
s06e08Resurrection LeVar Burton5.8
s06e09Statistical Probabilities Anson Williams7.7
s06e10The Magnificent FerengiChip Chalmers8
 Iggy Pop
s06e11Waltz Rene Auberjonois7.7
s06e12Who Mourns for Morn?Victor Lobl7.5
 Gregory Itzin
s06e13Far Beyond the Stars Avery Brooks8.6
s06e14One Little Ship Allan Kroeker7.5
s06e15Honor Among ThievesAllan Eastman7.4
s06e16Change of HeartDavid Livingston6.9
s06e17Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night Jonathan West6.8
 Leslie Hope
s06e18Inquisition Michael Dorn8
s06e19In the Pale MoonlightVictor Lobl9.2
s06e20His Way Allan Kroeker7.5
s06e21The ReckoningJesús Salvador Treviño7.1
s06e22ValiantMichael Vejar7
s06e23Profit and Lace Alexander Siddig5.8
s06e24Time's Orphan Allan Kroeker6.2
s06e25The Sound of Her VoiceWinrich Kolbe7.4
s06e26Tears of the Prophets Allan Kroeker8.4
s07e01Image in the SandLes Landau7.5
s07e02Shadows and Symbols Allan Kroeker7.8
s07e03AfterimageLes Landau7.1
s07e04Take Me Out to the HolosuiteChip Chalmers7.4
s07e05Chrysalis Jonathan West7.1
s07e06Treachery, Faith, and the Great RiverStephen L. Posey8.2
s07e07Once More Unto the Breach Allan Kroeker7.6
s07e08The Siege of AR-558Winrich Kolbe8.5
s07e09CovenantJohn T. Kretchmer6.7
s07e10It's Only a Paper Moon Anson Williams8
s07e11Prodigal DaughterVictor Lobl6.3
s07e12The Emperor's New Cloak LeVar Burton6.4
s07e13Field of Fire Tony Dow6.7
s07e14Chimera (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Stephen L. Posey7.3
s07e15Badda-Bing, Badda-BangMichael Vejar7.6
s07e16Inter Arma Enim Silent LegesDavid Livingston8.2
s07e17PenumbraStephen L. Posey7.6
s07e18'Til Death Do Us PartWinrich Kolbe7.7
s07e19Strange Bedfellows Rene Auberjonois7.9
s07e20The Changing Face of EvilMichael Vejar8.4
s07e21When It Rains... Michael Dorn8.1
s07e22Tacking Into the WindMichael Vejar8.8
s07e23Extreme MeasuresStephen L. Posey7.3
s07e24The Dogs of War Avery Brooks8.2
s07e25What You Leave Behind Allan Kroeker8.7


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