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Born: 14 Απρίλιος 1961
Age: 60
Zodiac sign: Farm-Fresh zodiac aries.png Aries
IMDb ID: nm0001015
TMDb ID: 18023
Top 5 genres
  1. Romance (4)
  2. Drama (4)
  3. Fantasy (3)
  4. Adventure (3)
  5. Action (3)

Robert Carlyle, OBE (born 14 April 1961) is a Scottish film and television actor. He is known for a variety of roles including those in Trainspotting, Hamish Macbeth, The Full Monty, The World Is Not Enough, Angela's Ashes, The 51st State, and 28 Weeks Later. He also portrayed Doctor Nicholas Rush in Stargate Universe.




YearOriginal titleInternational English titleGreek titleDirectorIMDbMyMDb
2019YesterdayDanny Boyle6.87
200728 Weeks Later28 εβδομάδες μετάJuan Carlos Fresnadillo77
2006EragonStefen Fangmeier5.12
2001The 51st StateFormula 51Ωραία Μέρα για να ΠεθάνειςRonny Yu6.36
2000The BeachΗ παραλίαDanny Boyle6.7
1997The Full MontyΆντρες με τα όλα τουςPeter Cattaneo7.2
1996Carla's SongΤο τραγούδι της ΚάρλαKen Loach6.8
1996TrainspottingDanny Boyle8.110



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