Revelation Zero: Part 1

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IMDb rating by 469 votes


TMDb rating by 3 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:42 min0.7 h
Other info
IMDb ID:tt1560284
TMDb ID:570431
TMDb series ID:19092
MPAA rating
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18 Mar 2010

Director: John Polson

Plot: Mark is suspended from duty at the FBI and must meet with a Bureau-appointed therapist in order to regain his badge; Demetri reluctantly teams with CIA agent Vogel to continue the search for Lloyd, while a suspended Mark resumes his own investigation into his disappearance; with Lloyd missing, Simon attempts to hack into his computer in search of clues; Janis is assigned to accompany Simon and learns some family secrets about him; and Nicole speaks with a man who was transformed during the blackout in order to help her restore her faith and understand her horrific flashforward vision.


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