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This property will be used in the future by a bot that will auto-extract genres from Wikipedia movie pages based on their categories.

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Films based on the September 11 attacks  +, Documentary films about the September 11 attacks  +
Absurdist fiction  +
Films about academia  +
Action comedy films  +, 1960s action comedy films  +, 1970s action comedy films  +,
Action drama films  +, 2010s action drama films  +, Films based on The Four Feathers  +,
Adventure comedy films  +, 2000s adventure comedy films  +, American adventure comedy films  +,
Adventure thriller films  +, American adventure thriller films  +
War in Afghanistan (2001–2014) films  +, Documentary films about the War in Afghanistan (2001–2014)  +
African-American civil rights movement (1954–68) in film  +, African-American civil rights movement (1954–68) in television  +, Documentary films about the African-American civil rights movement (1954–68)  +,
Afrofuturist films  +
Films about the afterlife  +
Films about alcoholism  +, Documentary films about alcoholism  +
Algerian War films  +
Alternate history  +, Alternate history films  +, American alternate history films  +,
Alternate reality  +
Alternate timeline films  +, Films based on A Christmas Carol  +
Alternative sequel films  +
Films about American slavery  +, Documentary films about slavery in the United States  +
Films about amnesia  +
Films about anarchism  +, Documentary films about anarchism  +