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Property structrure: Simple property
Data type: Text
Subproperty of: Has person biography
Ontology: Upper ontology
Template: Person
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Grandchild of [[Kaiti Grey]]  +
'''Chad Channing''' (born January 31, 1967) is an [[USA|American]] musician who is best known for being the drummer of the band [[Nirvana]] from 1988 until 1990, during which time they recorded and released their debut album ''Bleach''. He currently sings and plays bass in the band [[Before Cars]].  +
Thea Carla Schøtt was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1994. She has trained in several styles of urban and contemporary dance. Théa Carla has been living in Berlin since 2015, where she is a dancer and performance artist. A multidisciplinary artist, she performed for artists on stage, on television, in music videos, but she also did some stripping. In parallel, she teaches and she is a choreographer. In Berlin, Théa works mainly on the underground and queer scene, where she is known for her extravagant and extreme looks. Théa Carla is also part of the Ballroom scene and is a member of the House of Ninjas. She recently made her debut as an actress in Gaspar Noé's film "Climax". * * *  +