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MyMDb is a highly intuitive wiki-based online domain ontology about movies. It serves as a personal knowledge base that keeps track of all the movies I've seen or I want to see and of my personal rating and reviewing on them. It was inspired by various online services like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

The idea was that I wanted a more personal space to keep my favorite movies list, enhanced with more info, like ratings from other websites besides IMDb, and also personal stuff such as my own review.

MyMDb is an ongoing project that begun in the summer of 2014. Right now, two years later, I would say that is 70% complete. When it reaches it's first stable version, all relevent pages (such as templates, forms, proterties, images) will be available to download as a single XML file, along with a full user's & installation manual (i.e. how to import it to your own wiki and what changes you might want to do to it).

It is built around Semantic MediaWiki.

In essence, MyMDb is a personally curated movie data aggregator, as most of the data are gathered automatically via excessive data mining from external web sources and only a few data or none are entered manually. Namely, we exploit various movie web API's such as the OMDb, TMDb, and TVDb API's, and web scraping from IMDb (with custom tools such as a python script and a javascript bookmarklet).

As of 2016, the MyMDb project is integrated into my Master's studies on Social IT Systems.


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All-in-one ratings

  • Personal rating
  • IMDb rating
  • Metacafe's Metascore
  • All Rotten Tomatoes' ratings, either by critics or users
  • TMDb rating
  • TVDb rating (series only)

Cast with images

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MyMDb is a site inside a site so it's got its own logo. There are also areas inside MyMDb, such as cinematic universes, that have their own logo too.

MyMDb logos examples.png


Designed as a classic CMS. When in visitor view, all wiki features like sidebar, tabs etc are removed. Design mimics IMDb.

Different skins (coming soon)

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MyMDb stats

As of 24/1/2021, MyMDb contains:

  • 2927 films, 288 tv series and 10082 episodes, arranged in 309 different movie genres.
  • 9810 people (actors, directors, writers, etc)
  • 290 locally uploaded images and 12978 images linked directly from TMDb.

See more MyMDb stats.

Selected examples