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Additional Details
Runtime:90 min1.5 h
Country:USA, UK
My lists:Very rare movies
Other info
TMDb popularity:0.992
IMDb ID:tt0158792
TMDb ID:47828
MPAA rating

Director: Benson Lee

Plot: Trapped, frustrated and isolated, for one disturbing, slow night these two main characters find that they have more in common than they think. Forced to rummage for research in London's City district for his new screenplay, here, we find human anguish mixed with quiet disbelief. This, a sobering experience of a subject with mixed emotions of her childhood past and future prospects spilling over the precipice of sanity. Haunted by her own personal bogeyman and hidden demons, as the screenwriter is forced to hide in the bedroom cupboard and slowly watch the unraveling of a woman lost, tormented and pained.

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