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Take snapshots of a MediaWiki installation to monitor their changes.

Snapshots are taken via the API.


A snapshot may include:

  • MediaWiki version
  • Other environment variables
  • Installed extensions versions
  • Stats


  • Properties
  • Templates
  • etc

Form of a snapshot

A snapshot will be a page with name: (Name of wiki) snapshot (yyyy-mm-dd), example: Protonation snapshot 2017-01-04.

Standard vars will be stored into properties.

Extension data will be stored into semantic internal objects.

Important: A snapshot page cannot use data from Extension ExternalData because they are live data; they update every time the page is accessed.

So there must be another way. One possible solution is to create those snapshot pages with a bot/script.

Snapshot creation

Snapshot is created with mediawikiwiki:Extension:InputBox.

It uses mediawikiwiki:Manual:Substitution to convert live external data into static data.

Test: InputBox create page test

  1. Template:InputBox create page test preload text uses External Data to retrieve and show current wiki configuration.
  2. Template:InputBox create page test preload text subst substitutes template 1.
  3. Preload parameter in InputBox create page test InputBox is set to substituted template 2, so it preloads the result of template 1.


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