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Thanks to extension Semantic Meta Tags (which I had the honour to contribute a few bytes to) it is now possible for every page to have HTML meta tags based on semantic properties.

This wiki makes extensive use of that feature.

Tag text formating with Unicode

Template Transform Support
Latin Greek Numbers
Unicode italic True
Unicode bold sans True
Unicode italic sans True
superscript Pseudo
Template:Unicode text conversion templates list

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Fix the PAGENAME bug

Clear wiki markup


When wikitext is assigned to HTML meta tags, certain witext markup such as link tags [[ and ]] etc appear as is.

So it is essential to remove all this markup and make text appear plain.

This is done with the following template:


In the movie The Prisoner (2009), my review is:

A mixture of [[Lost]], [[Battlestar Galactica]], [[Resident Evil]] and [[Life on Mars]].

If this review is assigned to a meta tag it would appear exactly as is.

So it is first fed into Template:Clear markup and the result is:

A mixture of Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Resident Evil and Life on Mars.

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