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When this page is complete, all of these templates will be available to download as one XML file.

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Template Contains Result/
{{!}} | | for use as template parameter
  a persistent space
{{deg}} <sup>o</sup> 75oC
{{st}} <sup>st</sup> 1st
{{nd}} <sup>nd</sup> 2nd
{{rd}} <sup>rd</sup> 3rd
{{th}} <sup>th</sup> 4th
{{άνω τελεία}} &middot; Άνω· τελεία
{{back}} [[File:Dark blue left arrow.svg|20px]] Dark blue left arrow.svg More arrows
<span style="font-size: 200%; color: blue">⬅</span> More Unicode arrows | colors
[[File:Dialog-information on.svg|20px]] Dialog-information on.svg
{{info}} [[File:Info icon 001.svg|20px]] Info icon 001.svg
{{ok}} [[File:Red check.svg|20px]] Red check.svg
<span style="font-size: 200%; color: red">✔</span>
{{see}} [[File:Farm-Fresh hand point.png|20px]] Farm-Fresh hand point.png
<span style="font-size: 200%">☞</span>
{{stop}} [[File:StopSign.SVG|20px]] StopSign.SVG
{{warning}} [[File:Dialog-warning-orange.svg|20px]] Dialog-warning-yellow.svg
{{:)}} [[File:Face-smile.svg|20px]] Face-smile.svg More happy smilies
<span style="font-size: 200%; color: red">☺</span>
[[File:Farm-Fresh bug.png|20px]] Farm-Fresh bug.png
{{vulcan}} [[File:Fuchs-Vulcan salute.png|20px]] Fuchs-Vulcan salute.png
{{like}} [[File:Facebook like thumb.png|20px]] Facebook like thumb.png More [1]
<span style="font-size: 200%; color: red">👍</span> 👍
{{dislike}} [[File:Not facebook dislike thumbs down.png|20px]] Not facebook dislike thumbs down.png More [2]
<span style="font-size: 200%; color: red">👎</span> 👎
<div style="clear: both"></div> Clears floats

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