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In MyMDb is used by convention the following distinction:

  • Movie: Any kind of moving picture found on IMDb such as cinema movies, tv movies, tv series and episodes. Anything that has a page in MyMDb, under the movies category.
  • Film: Any kind of moving picture that is not series or episode.
  • Series: TV series. Not series of films.
  • Episode: Episode of a TV series.

In other words, movies = films + series + episodes.


  • A documentary would be considered a film (and a movie too).
  • Star Wars is not a series. It's a film series (which is not a controlled term).

Title conventions

  • Movie page titles are movie titles.
  • Movie titles must be written exactly as in IMDb. If there is a different writing between IMDb and Wikipedia for example, we must always choose the IMDb version.
  • In foreign movies we use the native titles in Latin alphabet and let MyMDb extract international english title.
  • Greek titles are written in Greek alphabet.
  • If there is a weird Greek translation we provide it. Otherwise, if the translation is normal we don't.

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