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Aiming to bring together artists and non artists from two neighbouring countries with intense relations on a diplomatic level, “renkonto” is based on the wedding of Fotini Gouseti and Oliver Bozinovski. Participating artists: Maria Ikonomopoulou, Witta Tjan, Momu & No Es, Chara Drandaki, Eden Mitsenmacher Tordjman.

In parallel and in cooperation with Obsessive Possessive Aggression (O.P.A.) an initiatory artist meeting took place between artists from both countries, on the 7th, 8th and 9th of August, in order to establish a common ground among them. Participating artists: Vladimir Janchevski, Vassilis Noulas, Sofia Grigoriadou, Obsessive Possessive Aggression, Kostas Tzimoulis, Ana Lazarevska, Ioanna Hatzipanigyri, Filip Jovanovski, Fotini Gouseti. “Renkonto” concluded in a huge open party that took place on the central square of Krushevo with the Japanese Gipsy band Pyramidos!

Text by Fotini Gouseti. All photos & videos by Ioannis Protonotarios unless otherwise stated.

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