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Farm-Fresh male.png Male (Inferred with 100% certainty by 2 persons with same name and known gender)

Born: 11 Μάιος 1973
Age: 47
Zodiac sign: Farm-Fresh zodiac taurus.png Taurus
IMDb ID: nm0004410
TMDb ID: 20193
Top 5 genres
  1. Thriller (1)
  2. Fantasy (1)
  3. Action (1)
  4. Supernatural fiction (1)
  5. Supernatural horror (1)

Mark Neveldine is an American film director, film producer, screenwriter and camera operator. He is best known for frequently collaborating with Brian Taylor as Neveldine/Taylor.




YearOriginal titleGreek titleIMDbMyMDb
2011Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceGhost Rider: Το πνεύμα της εκδίκησης4.3

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