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|Is of user set gender=Male
|Has country of nationality=England
|Was born on=1386/09/16
|Died on=1422/08/31
|Has name in Greek=Ερρίκος Ε΄ της Αγγλίας
|Has Greek Wikipedia inferred link status=Correct
|Has Wikipedia inferred link status=Correct

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Farm-Fresh male.png Male

Country:Flag of England.svg England
Born: 16 Σεπτέμβριος 1386
Died: 31 Αύγουστος 1422
Age: 36
Zodiac sign: Farm-Fresh zodiac virgo.png Virgo
Ερρίκος Ε΄ της Αγγλίας

Movies about Henry V of England

Original titleYearDirectorMyMDbIMDb
The King2019David Michôd7.2

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