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IMDb rating by 215,967 votes




TMDb rating by 3706 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:110 min1.834 h
Country:USA, Australia
Part of:Marvel universe
Other info
TMDb popularity:18.726
Production:Sony Pictures
DVD released:12 Jun 2007
Box office:$115,802,596108,962,368.259 €
IMDb ID:tt0259324
TMDb ID:1250
MPAA rating
RATED PG-13.svg
Ghost Rider >> Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Plot: When the motorcyclist Johnny Blaze finds that his father Barton Blaze has a terminal cancer, he accepts a pact with the Mephistopheles, giving his soul for the health of his beloved father. But the devil deceives him, and Barton dies in a motorcycle accident during an exhibition. Johnny leaves the carnival, his town, his friends and his girlfriend Roxanne. Years later Johnny Blaze becomes a famous motorcyclist, who risks his life in his shows, and he meets Roxanne again, now a TV reporter. However, Mephistopheles proposes Johnny to release his contract if he become the "Ghost Rider" and defeat his evil son Blackheart, who wants to possess one thousand evil souls and transform hell on earth.

Laurel left.png 1 win & 9 nominations. Laurel right.png


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