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IMDb rating by 10,237 votes


TMDb rating by 71 votes
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Runtime:25 min0.417 h
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TMDb popularity:13.483
IMDb ID:tt0058805
TMDb ID:4455
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TV series
Plot: Maxwell Smart is a bumbling secret agent, assigned by his "Chief" to foil KAOS' latest plans for taking over the world. Invariably, Smart's bumbling detective style lands him in hot water. Lucky for him, his faithful assistant "99" is there to bail him out.

Laurel left.png Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 11 wins & 11 nominations. Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:138
Total runtime:23.8 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 138 episodes
No TitleDirectorRating
s01e01Mr. Big Howard Morris8.3
s01e02Diplomat's Daughter Paul Bogart8.2
s01e03School Days Paul Bogart7.9
s01e04Our Man in ToylandDon Richardson7.8
s01e05Now You See Him, Now You Don't Paul Bogart7.8
s01e06Washington 4, Indians 3 Richard Donner7.8
s01e07KAOS in CONTROLDon Richardson7.7
s01e08The Day Smart Turned ChickenFrank McDonald8.1
s01e09Satan PlaceFrank McDonald7.7
s01e10Our Man in Leotards Richard Donner7.8
s01e11Too Many ChiefsBruce Bilson8.3
s01e12My Nephew the SpyBruce Bilson8.4
s01e13Aboard the Orient ExpressFrank McDonald8.3
s01e14Weekend VampireBruce Bilson7.3
s01e15Survival of the FattestFrank McDonald7.7
s01e16Double AgentFrank McDonald8.1
s01e17Kisses for KAOS Gary Nelson7.6
s01e18The Dead Spy Scrawls Gary Nelson8.1
s01e19Back to the Old Drawing BoardBruce Bilson8.7
s01e20All in the MindBruce Bilson7.8
s01e21Dear DiaryMurray Golden7.8
s01e22Smart the AssassinBruce Bilson8.1
s01e23I'm Only HumanMurray Golden7.4
s01e24Stakeout on Blue Mist MountainMurray Golden7.8
s01e25The Amazing Harry Hoo Gary Nelson8.4
s01e26Hubert's Unfinished Symphony Gary Nelson7.8
s01e27Ship of Spies: Part 1Bruce Bilson8.4
s01e28Ship of Spies: Part 2Bruce Bilson8.2
s01e29Shipment to BeirutDavid Alexander7.9
s01e30The Last One in Is a Rotten SpyDavid Alexander7.8
s02e01Anatomy of a LoverBruce Bilson8.2
s02e02Strike While the Agent Is Hot Gary Nelson8.2
s02e03A Spy for a SpyBruce Bilson8.8
s02e04The Only Way to DieBruce Bilson8
s02e05Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine Gary Nelson8
s02e06CasablancaWilliam Wiard8.3
s02e07The DecoyWilliam Wiard8
s02e08Hoo Done It Gary Nelson8.5
s02e09Rub-A-Dub-Dub... Three Spies in a SubBruce Bilson8.1
s02e10The Greatest Spy on Earth Joshua Shelley7.8
s02e11Island of the Darned Gary Nelson7.8
s02e12BronzefingerWilliam Wiard7.8
s02e13Perils in a Pet ShopBruce Bilson7.5
s02e14The Whole Tooth and...William Wiard7.5
s02e15Kiss of DeathBruce Bilson7.8
s02e16It Takes One to Know One Earl Bellamy8.2
s02e17Someone Down Here Hates Me Earl Bellamy8
s02e18Cutback at Control Earl Bellamy8.3
s02e19The Mummy (Get Smart) Earl Bellamy7.8
s02e20The Girls from KAOSWilliam Wiard8.2
s02e21The Man from YENTABruce Bilson8.1
s02e22Smart Fit the Battle of JerichoBruce Bilson7.9
s02e23Where-What-How-Who Am I? Gary Nelson7.8
s02e24The Expendable Agent Gary Nelson8.1
s02e25How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying Gary Nelson8.6
s02e26Appointment in Sahara Don Adams7.4
s02e27Pussycats GaloreSidney Miller8
s02e28A Man Called Smart: Part 1 Earl Bellamy8.3
s02e29A Man Called Smart: Part 2 Earl Bellamy8.2
s02e30A Man Called Smart: Part 3 Earl Bellamy8.2
s03e01The Spy Who Met Himself Gary Nelson8.3
s03e02Viva SmartNorman Abbott7.8
s03e03Witness for the Persecution James Komack7.6
s03e04The Spirit Is WillingNorman Abbott7.9
s03e05Maxwell Smart, Private EyeBruce Bilson8.4
s03e06Supersonic Boom James Komack7.8
s03e07One of Our Olives Is MissingJess Oppenheimer8.4
s03e08When Good Fellows Get TogetherSidney Miller7.9
s03e09Dr. Yes James Komack7.8
s03e10That Old Gang of MineNorman Abbott8.1
s03e11The Mild Ones Gary Nelson7.9
s03e12Classification: DeadNorman Abbott8.1
s03e13The Mysterious Dr. T Gary Nelson8.3
s03e14The King Lives? Gary Nelson8
s03e15The Groovy Guru James Komack8.3
s03e16The Little Black Book: Part 1 James Komack8.4
s03e17The Little Black Book: Part 2 James Komack8.3
s03e18Don't Look Back Don Adams7.8
s03e1999 Loses ControlBruce Bilson8.9
s03e20The Wax Max James Komack7.9
s03e21Operation Ridiculous James Komack8.2
s03e22Spy, Spy, Birdie James Komack8
s03e23Run, Robot, RunBruce Bilson8.3
s03e24The Hot Line Gary Nelson8.5
s03e25Die, Spy Gary Nelson8.4
s03e26The Reluctant Redhead James Komack8.4
s04e01The Impossible MissionBruce Bilson8.3
s04e02Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron Reza Badiyi8.3
s04e03Closely Watched PlanesBruce Bilson8.4
s04e04The Secret of Sam Vittorio Gary Nelson7.8
s04e05Diamonds Are a Spy's Best FriendJerry Hopper7.9
s04e06The Worst Best Man Gary Nelson7.4
s04e07A Tale of Two TailsJerry Hopper7.9
s04e08The Return of the Ancient Mariner Gary Nelson8
s04e09With Love and Twitches Gary Nelson8.3
s04e10The Laser BlazerJay Sandrich8.3
s04e11The Farkas FracasJay Sandrich8.2
s04e12Temporarily Out of CONTROL James Komack7.6
s04e13Schwartz's IslandBruce Bilson8.3
s04e14One Nation InvisibleHarry Falk7.9
s04e15Hurray for Hollywood Don Adams7.7
s04e16The Day They Raided the Knights Reza Badiyi8
s04e17Tequila Mockingbird Don Adams8.1
s04e18I Shot 86 TodayJay Sandrich8
s04e19Absorb the Greek Richard Benedict8.4
s04e20To Sire, with Love: Part 1 Gary Nelson8.3
s04e21To Sire, with Love: Part 2Jay Sandrich8.4
s04e22Shock It to MeJay Sandrich8.1
s04e23Leadside Gary Nelson8.2
s04e24Greer WindowEddie Ryder8
s04e25The Not-So-Great Escape: Part 1 Don Adams8.6
s04e26The Not-So-Great Escape: Part 2 Don Adams8.4
s05e01Pheasant Under Glass Don Adams7.7
s05e02Ironhand Don Adams8
s05e03Valerie of the DollsJay Sandrich7.2
s05e04Widow Often AnnieCharles R. Rondeau7.4
s05e05The Treasure of C. Errol Madre Don Adams7.9
s05e06Smart Fell on AlabamaAlan Rafkin7.4
s05e07And Baby Makes Four: Part 1 Don Adams7.5
s05e08And Baby Makes Four: Part 2 Don Adams7.7
s05e09Physician ImpossibleAlan Rafkin7.8
s05e10The Apes of Rath Richard Benedict7
s05e11Age Before DutyHarry Falk7.5
s05e12Is This Trip Necessary?Ron Joy7.6
s05e13Ice Station Siegfried Reza Badiyi6.9
s05e14Moonlighting Becomes YouAlan Rafkin7.6
s05e15House of Max: Part 1Anton Leader7.7
s05e16House of Max: Part 2Anton Leader7.5
s05e17Rebecca of Funny-Folk FarmCharles R. Rondeau7.5
s05e18The Mess of Adrian ListengerCharles R. Rondeau7.6
s05e19Witness for the ExecutionAlan Rafkin7.4
s05e20How Green Was My ValetDick Carson7.9
s05e21And Only Two Ninety-Nine Don Adams8.3
s05e22SmartacusCharles R. Rondeau7.8
s05e23What's It All About, Algie? Don Adams7.5
s05e24Hello, Columbus - Goodbye, AmericaAlan Rafkin7.6
s05e25Do I Hear a Vaults?Alan Rafkin8
s05e26I Am Curiously YellowNicholas Webster8

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Remade as:

American Maxwell Smart works for a Government spy agency in an administrative capacity. When the agency's head office is attacked, the Chief decides to assign Maxwell as a spy and partners him with sexy Agent 99, much to her chagrin. The duo nevertheless set off to combat their attackers by first parachuting off an airplane and landing in Russian territory - followed closely by an over seven feet tall, 400 pound goon, known simply as Dalip. The duo, handicapped by Maxwell's antics, will eventually have their identities compromised, and may be chalked up as casualties, while back in America their attackers have already planted a bomb that is set-up to explode in a concert.



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