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IMDb rating by 211,132 votes


TMDb rating by 851 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:46 min0.767 h
Country:USA, Canada
Other info
TMDb popularity:26.712
IMDb ID:tt1119644
TMDb ID:1705
MPAA rating
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TV series
Plot: The FBI teams up with a formerly-institutionalized scientist - who was performing experiments on the fringe of real science - and his son to investigate weird crimes that are seemingly part of a larger pattern, and may be connected with a global company called Massive Dynamic.

Laurel left.png Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 18 wins & 83 nominations. Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:100
Total runtime:39.8 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 100 episodes
No TitleDirectorRatingGuests
s01e01Pilot (Fringe) Alex Graves8.2
s01e02The Same Old StoryPaul A. Edwards7.8
s01e03The Ghost Network Frederick E.O. Toye7.9
s01e04The ArrivalPaul A. Edwards8.3
s01e05Power Hungry Christopher Misiano7.7
s01e06The Cure Bill Eagles7.8
s01e07In Which We Meet Mr. Jones Brad Anderson8.1
 Jared Harris
s01e08The EquationGwyneth Horder-Payton8
s01e09The Dreamscape Frederick E.O. Toye8
s01e10Safe Michael Zinberg8.6
 Jared Harris
s01e11Bound (Fringe) Frederick E.O. Toye8.5
s01e12The No-Brainer John Polson7.7
s01e13The Transformation Brad Anderson8.4
s01e14Ability Norberto Barba8.7
 Jared Harris
s01e15Inner Child Fred Toye8.3
s01e16Unleashed (Fringe) Brad Anderson7.9
s01e17Bad Dreams (Fringe) Akiva Goldsman8.5
s01e18Midnight Bobby Roth8.1
s01e19The Road Not Taken Frederick E.O. Toye8.8
s01e20There's More Than One of Everything Brad Anderson9.2
 Jared Harris
s02e01A New Day in the Old Town Akiva Goldsman8.5
s02e02Night of Desirable Objects Brad Anderson7.8
s02e03Fracture (Fringe) Bryan Spicer8.1
s02e04Momentum Deferred Joe Chappelle8.8
s02e05Dream LogicPaul A. Edwards7.8
s02e06Earthling Jon Cassar7.8
s02e07Of Human Action Joe Chappelle8.1
s02e08August (Fringe) Dennis Smith8.9
s02e09Snakehead Paul Holahan7.9
s02e10Grey Matters Jeannot Szwarc8.8
s02e11Unearthed Fred Toye7.3
s02e12Johari Window Joe Chappelle7.8
s02e13What Lies Below Deran Sarafian8.4
s02e14The Bishop Revival Adam Davidson8.3
s02e15Jacksonville Charles Beeson9.1
s02e16Peter David Straiton9.4
s02e17Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver Brad Anderson8.2
s02e18White TulipThomas Yatsko9.3
s02e19The Man from the Other SideJeffrey G. Hunt8.8
s02e20Brown Betty Seith Mann6.9
s02e21Northwest Passage Joe Chappelle8.5
s02e22Over There: Part 1 Akiva Goldsman9.1
s02e23Over There: Part 2 Akiva Goldsman9.3
s03e01Olivia Joe Chappelle8.8
s03e02The BoxJeffrey G. Hunt8.2
s03e03The Plateau Brad Anderson8.7
s03e04Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? Kenneth Fink8.5
s03e05Amber 31422 David Straiton8.4
s03e066955 kHz Joe Chappelle8.3
 Kevin Weisman
s03e07The Abducted Chuck Russell8.7
s03e08Entrada Brad Anderson9.1
s03e09Marionette Joe Chappelle8.3
s03e10The Firefly Charles Beeson8.5
 Christopher Lloyd
s03e11Reciprocity Jeannot Szwarc8.2
s03e12Concentrate and Ask Again Dennis Smith8.2
s03e13Immortality Brad Anderson8.1
s03e146BThomas Yatsko8.4
s03e15Subject 13 Frederick E.O. Toye8.5
s03e16Os Brad Anderson8.3
s03e17Stowaway Charles Beeson8.1
s03e18Bloodline (Fringe) Dennis Smith8.3
s03e19Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Joe Chappelle8.7
s03e206:02 AM EST Jeannot Szwarc8.5
s03e21The Last Sam WeissThomas Yatsko8.8
s03e22The Day We Died Joe Chappelle9.2
s04e01Neither Here Nor There Joe Chappelle8.2
s04e02One Night in October Brad Anderson8.3
s04e03Alone in the World Miguel Sapochnik8
s04e04Subject 9 Joe Chappelle8.3
s04e05Novation Paul Holahan8.3
s04e06And Those We Left Behind Brad Anderson8.7
s04e07Wallflower Anthony Hemingway7.9
s04e08Back to Where You've Never Been Jeannot Szwarc8.6
 Jared Harris
s04e09Enemy of My Enemy Joe Chappelle8.7
 Jared Harris
s04e10Forced Perspective David Solomon8.1
s04e11Making Angels Charles Beeson8.2
s04e12Welcome to Westfield David Straiton8.7
s04e13A Better Human Being Joe Chappelle8.2
s04e14The End of All ThingsJeffrey G. Hunt8.8
 Jared Harris
s04e15A Short Story About Love J.H. Wyman8.2
s04e16Nothing as It Seems Frederick E.O. Toye8.1
s04e17Everything in Its Right PlaceDavid Moxness8.4
s04e18The Consultant Jeannot Szwarc8.3
 Jared Harris
s04e19Letters of Transit Joe Chappelle9
s04e20Worlds Apart (Fringe) Charles Beeson8.6
s04e21Brave New World: Part 1 Joe Chappelle8.5
 Jared Harris,  Rebecca Mader
s04e22Brave New World: Part 2 Joe Chappelle8.7
 Rebecca Mader
s05e01Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 Miguel Sapochnik,  Jeannot Szwarc8.3
s05e02In Absentia Jeannot Szwarc8.3
s05e03The Recordist Jeff T. Thomas8.1
s05e04The Bullet That Saved the World David Straiton8.8
s05e05An Origin Story P.J. Pesce8.7
s05e06Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Jon Cassar8.8
s05e07Five-Twenty-Ten Eagle Egilsson8.7
s05e08The Human Kind Dennis Smith8.5
s05e09Black BlotterTommy Gormley8.5
s05e10Anomaly XB-6783746Jeffrey G. Hunt9.1
s05e11The Boy Must Live Paul Holahan8.8
s05e12Liberty P.J. Pesce9
s05e13An Enemy of Fate J.H. Wyman9.3


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