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IMDb rating by 9,234 votes




TMDb rating by 89 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:100 min1.667 h
Country:Belgium, France, Italy
Language:Dutch, Flemish
Other info
TMDb popularity:5.482
Production:Tartan USA
DVD released:20 Apr 2010
IMDb ID:tt0812243
TMDb ID:14019
MPAA rating
Not Rated

Director: Koen Mortier

Plot: Every village has its band of fools, trying to get to the top, following their idols in drug habits, but staying losers till the end of their pathetic days. They all do this in the name of rock & roll. Three disabled rock musicians are looking for a drummer. Dries, a well known writer, seems the right guy for the job, were it not for the fact that his only handicap is that he can't play the drums. He joins the group as a perfect, but evil god walking down his mountain to play with the populace. With the arrival of this infiltrator, personal disputes and family feuds start to jeopardize the band's fragile future. Dries will manipulate them till they are willing to drink each others blood and their only future is written down in many Punk lyrics: "No Future".

Laurel left.png 3 wins & 2 nominations. Laurel right.png


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