Episode 1.5 (Humans)

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IMDb rating by 669 votes


TMDb rating by 9 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:45 min0.75 h
Country:UK, USA
Other info
IMDb ID:tt4259698
TMDb ID:1078416
TMDb series ID:62822
This page is about a Humans episode. For other uses, see Episode 1.5
Episode #1.5
Humans s1e5

Director: Lewis Arnold

Plot: Leo sends Niska to George for her own safety, though Vera is suspicious. George tells her that Hobb worked with him and Leo's father David in creating the synths and when Pete, still angry with his wife for her dependency on Simon, arrives to tell George that Odi has been sighted, he hides Niska. Mattie meets Leo to discover Anita's original identity but Anita is not forthcoming and Mattie returns home with her. Leo is bitterly disappointed as he needs all the original 'super' synths to come together to achieve advanced consciousness. He is unaware that Hobb's experiments on Fred make this unlikely. Back at the Hawkins' house Laura discovers that Joe had sex with Anita and throws him out.


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