Episode 1.2 (SS-GB)

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IMDb rating by 96 votes
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IMDb ID:tt4948292
Episode #1.2
SS-GB s1e2
26 Feb 2017

Director: Philipp Kadelbach

Plot: Douglas learns that Spode is part of the Resistance movement and foils an attempt to make him join by threatening to kidnap his son Douggie but is horrified by the SS's brutal behaviour at Douggie's school. He also finds out that Sylvia colluded with Spode but helps her to escape from the suspicious Kellerman, who shows him a film suggesting that Barbara has enlisted American help to defeat the Germans. Accepting an invitation to a party thrown by art expert Sydney Garin Douglas again encounters Barbara but is also wooed by over a secret card game by a group of high-ranking Resistance sympathizers led by Sir Robert Benson, keen to invite American assistance to expel the invaders. Summoned by Kellerman Douglas acquiesces to a theory regarding Nazi infiltration into the Resistance but, returning home, a disturbing discovery makes him reconsider his allegiance to the conquerors.


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