Deep Roots Malawi

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Additional Details
Runtime:56 min0.934 h
Country:USA, Malawi
Other info
IMDb ID:tt2322413
Plot: Malawi. This small land-locked African nation has long been a treasure chest of ancient Central-South African culture. As one of the continents great crossroads, Malawi has witnessed and absorbed great migrations from all point of the compass, all contributing to a richly charismatic music and dance heritage, which has never been put under the public eye-until now. Deep Roots Malawi is a documentary which aims to expose some of the musical secrets of this uniquely captivating country, and has been filmed in cooperation with the key figures in the music industry today and one of the world's leading experts on Malawian music Dr Waliko Makhala. The film also raises issues about the survival of deeply felt cultural traditions in the modern world, and hence the reverberations of the story go throughout modern Africa and beyond.


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