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Test page

This is a test page to test new features on the wiki.

It is not intented for general public.

If you got here by mistake please go to the home page.

Tested on: x3egq78

  • ID: x3egq78
  • Description: Marre des photos numériques... Heureusement le gouvernement met des appareils à notre disposition qui font encore des belles photos papier.

    Fed up with digital pictures...Fortunately the government puts at our disposal devices that still make beautiful paper photos.

    Harto de las fotos digitales... Por suerte el gobierno pone a nuestra disposición aparatos que aún hacen fotos bonitas en papel.
  • Total views: 238031
  • Allow_embed (boolean): 1
  • Aspect_ratio: 1.77778
  • Bookmarks_total: 24
  • Comments_total: 0
  • Country: FR
  • Created_time (timestamp?): 1447897297
    • Converted in site's default language: 19 111 2015
    • Converted to Greek: 19 Νοέμβριος 2015
      • Month in genitive form: 19 Νοεμβρίου 2015
    • Converted to English: 19 November 2015
  • Language: fr
  • Detected_language: fr
  • Duration (sec): 66
  • Explicit:
  • Filmstrip_60_url: https://s2.dmcdn.net/k/CGgAa1Vjz4OX2itd0

  • genre:
  • geoloc:

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  • poster:
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  • poster_135x180_url:
  • poster_180x240_url:
  • poster_270x360_url:
  • poster_360x480_url:
  • poster_url (540x720):

soundtrack (many fields)

  • Owner: x4r137
  • Owner screenname: Rémi Gaillard
  • Owner URL: https://www.dailymotion.com/nqtv
  • Owner language: fr
  • Channel: fun
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    • created_time Date and time when this channel was created.
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