Chûgoku no chôjin

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MyMDb rating


IMDb rating by 4,231 votes


TMDb rating by 38 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:118 min1.967 h
Language:Japanese, Chinese, English
Other info
TMDb popularity:2.904
DVD released:29 Mar 2005
IMDb ID:tt0142181
TMDb ID:28638
The Bird People in China

Director: Takashi Miike

Plot: A young Japanese salaryman is sent by his company to a remote Chinese village to evaluate precious Jade that is found there but before he arrives he meets up with yakuza who was sent to tail him to protect his boss's interest in the company. When the men finally arrive their mission becomes sidetracked by their interest in a mysterious young village girl, her haunting English language song and the secret that makes men fly like birds.

Laurel left.png 4 wins & 1 nomination. Laurel right.png


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