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IMDb rating by 23,161 votes


TMDb rating by 1 votes
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Runtime:60 min1 h
Country:Canada, USA
Language:English, Greek
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TMDb popularity:0.674
IMDb ID:tt0799862
TMDb ID:359250
MPAA rating
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TV series
Plot: Two families, the Graystones and the Adamas, live together on a peaceful planet known as Caprica, where a startling breakthrough in artificial intelligence brings about unforeseen consequences.

Laurel left.png Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 1 win & 8 nominations. Laurel right.png

Episode list

Episode stats
Episodes found:18
Total runtime:15.3 hours
Average ratings


IMDb rating of 18 episodes
No TitleDirectorRating
s01e01Pilot (Caprica)Jeffrey Reiner8.1
s01e02RebirthJonas Pate7.6
s01e03Reins of a Waterfall Ronald D. Moore7.5
s01e04Gravedancing Michael W. Watkins7.7
s01e05There Is Another Sky Michael Nankin8
s01e06Know Thy Enemy Michael Nankin7.6
s01e07The Imperfections of MemoryWayne Rose7.6
s01e08Ghosts in the MachineWayne Rose8
s01e09End of Line Roxann Dawson8.3
s01e10Unvanquished Eric Stoltz7.7
s01e11RetributionJonas Pate7.6
s01e12Things We Lock Away Tim Hunter7.1
s01e13False Labor John Dahl7.1
s01e14Blowback Omar Madha8.1
s01e15The Dirteaters John Dahl7.9
s01e16The Heavens Will Rise Michael Nankin7.9
s01e17Here Be Dragons Michael Nankin8.2
s01e18ApotheosisJonas Pate8.8

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Spin-off of:

The second war against the Cylons is over and The Twelve Colonies have been destroyed. Now Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galatica and President Laura Roslin lead a ragtag fleet of refugees in a supposed search for the fabled lost thirteenth colony, Earth. However, the dangers they face are many which compound an already difficult situation. In addition to the Cylons hunting and attacking the fleet in space and their infiltrator units carrying out sabotage-even as their former unwitting pawn, Gaius Baltar, helps in the hunt for them while hiding both his own guilt and the strange presence that haunts his every thought, the fleet also faces internal political conflict in which the rabble-rousing figure, Tom Zarek, is merely the loudest dissenting voice, not to mention recurring shortages of food, water and even oxygen. In the midst of these trials, however, clues begin to appear to suggest that Adama's bluff about finding Earth might hold more truthful than anyone could have guessed.



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