Altered States

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IMDb rating by 30,237 votes




TMDb rating by 321 votes
Additional Details
Runtime:102 min1.7 h
Language:English, Spanish
Other info
TMDb popularity:9.745
Production:Warner Home Video
DVD released:01 Jun 2004
IMDb ID:tt0080360
TMDb ID:11542
MPAA rating
Ανεξέλεγκτες καταστάσεις  
Level Why

Director: Ken Russell

Plot: It's the late 1960's. Just for a lark, graduate student Eddie Jessup, known for being unconventional, brilliant and slightly mad, conducts experiments with an isolation chamber, using himself as the subject. His experiences in the chamber cause him to hallucinate, much of the imagery being religious-based despite he not being a religious man. Seven years later, he is a respected full professor in the Harvard Medical School. Believing he has lost his edge and has fallen into an unwanted state of respectability, Eddie decides to resume his work with sensory deprivation, this time using hallucinogens, specifically untested ones used in mystical Mexican rituals, to enhance the experience of being in the isolation tank. After initial tests, he claims he entered an alternate physical and mental state. Although unbelieving of Eddie's claims, his colleagues Arthur Rosenberg and Mason Parrish, as well as Eddie's wife, Emily, who is in her own right a respected academic, are concerned for Eddie's well being. However, if Eddie's claims are indeed true, he could do irreparable harm to himself and others around him, especially if his altered states are uncontrollable.

Laurel left.png Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 1 win & 5 nominations. Laurel right.png


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